The Wedding

The ceremony was beautiful. I hadn’t seen either of the rooms finished, so it was neat to walk in and see how beautiful it was.  But even more beautiful was the words and gospel-focus of the ceremony. My favorite part  was when my dad gave Cait away to Joel. He talked about how when she was 12, Cait had given her heart to my father for him to guard and protect until he gave her away to another man in marriage.
We sang “Come People of the Risen King,” there was a scripture reading, we sang “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” and then our pastor preached a sermon from Ephesians 5 about how marriage preaches the gospel. My favorite line from that was when he said – “When Joel loves his imperfect bride, he preaches the gospel.” It made me remember that I am a part of the imperfect bride of Christ, who is being made ready for her marriage to the Lamb. I can’t wait for that day. The thought of it fills me with joy unspeakable.
We sang “Holy, Holy, Holy,” and then “Come Thou Fount.” They said their vows (which were written from scratch and saturated with scripture, and reflected the biblical roles of the wife and husband). They exchanged rings (and I was wearing Joel’s ring on my thumb the whole ceremony up till that point – I was supposed to carry it and had no other place to put it!). They shared their first kiss, and then walked out to a jazzed up version of “You Are My Sunshine.”
We took lots of pictures and then went inside for the reception. The food was good, and I enjoyed some good fellowship, over dinner with my brother Nate and honorary brother, Mikhal, who were both groomsmen, and then with my close friend, Sarah. The best man shared about how Joel had pursued Christ above even his pursuit of Cait, how his prayers for Cait glorified God… one of the fathers in the Church spoke about them both, blessing their marriage and encouraging others to follow their example.
Later they had their first dance, Cait danced with my dad (to “Sunrise, Sunset,” from Fiddler on the Roof”, and Joel danced with his mom. They left a while after that. The 4 of us older bridesmaids went with them to the pastor’s house, where Cait changed out of her dress and we saw them off. We went back to the Church to clean up.

Cait’s ring on the ring pillow.

Flower girls

the prelude to Bach’s cello suite number one. For the entrance of the Bride… a last minute addition: this friend asked if we wanted her to play it. Wow.

Grampa! 🙂

5 out of 7 groomsmen

Faith and Rachel

Mommy and daddy.

Luke, bored and juggling bouquets…

Meanwhile Jess entertained us all by playing for us.


Tearful farewells

I don’t have any of the ceremony, and these are just from cameras of people staying with us (some I took from Joel’s mom as well).  I know they’re working on getting the official ones ready, though. 🙂
– Kyleigh


4 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. Heather says:

    So pretty! Cait’s dress is gorgeous and so is her hair. Did you guys make all those dresses?
    Awww that they used “You Are My Sunshine”…I wanted to walk in to that, because Justin’s nickname for me is Sunshine, but ended up using “Pachobel’s Canon in D”, and we walked out to a song called “When God Made You”.
    I like what the pastor said! Our pastor said some similar things.
    My sis put Justin’s ring on her thumb too, but his fingers are so thick that it was still pretty big…you can tell in the pics of our wedding that she’s scared stiff of dropping it! She didn’t relax until it was on Justin’s finger. :0)
    So were there any funny mishaps during the ceremony? I forgot my bouquet when we started to walk away, and Justin’s bro Jake had to run after me with it. Good times! He won’t let me forget it. ;0)
    I can’t wait to see official pics!


    • kyleian says:

      No – Arielle made hers, Katie had a friend make hers, and the rest of ours were tailor made. Tailors here are pretty cheap. I wanted to make mine, but mom said no because I hadn’t worked with formal fabrics before.
      The version we used was one by Sara Gazarek (something like that… she’s a jazz singer). Very untraditional, but people enjoyed it.
      I was scared of Joel’s dropping off, too. I though it was kind of funny that his ring finger was bigger than my thumb. But I have really small hands and I can wear my purity ring on my thumb just as easily as on my ring finger.
      Yes… the iPhone we were using to livestream got a call in the middle of the wedding. But the funniest was that the two middle flower girls had practiced the night before walking down holding hands. At the wedding they had baskets and were supposed to throw petals. Faith was very set on throwing the petals, Ellie wanted to hold Faith’s hand. So their whole walk down the aisle you hear “I want to hold your hand!” from Ellie. And Faith saying “No, I have to throw the petals!”
      And the groomsmen held up scorecards after the kiss… but that wasn’t a mishap. 😉


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