Part of a Journey

{God’s taking me on a journey right now, increasing my love for Him and the nations. This excerpt from one of my stories, ‘Love Victorious’ I recently edited to hold some of what I’m learning}

“Last meeting, we said we wouldn’t hold back, we wouldn’t be shy, that instead of just living it we would tell people about the Creator’s love. Bardan was doing that, but people never listened because he had been doing it for so long that they no longer believed him because they misunderstood his prophecies. Now he’s gone, and they’re not going to be reminded of the Creator’s laws any more. Who’s going to tell them now?”
“Elonya will, I’m sure.”
“Not as openly as Bardan did. Someone’s got to tell them.”
Brianna and Tabitha were silent.
“We said we’d do it, didn’t we?” Fagan persisted.
“Yes, but…”
“But what? Why aren’t we? Why are we sitting here talking amongst ourselves when there are people right here who need to hear? Tabitha, that man over there. Do you think he’s heard?”
“I’ve never seen him at meetings, so I don’t think so.”
“What about that woman?”
“That boy?”
Tabitha shook her head.
“Fagan, what were we just talking about?” Brianna protested.
“This is not something stupid! Their lives, no, not just their lives, their eternity matters in this!” He looked back at the people in the market, throwing his arm in their direction. “Brianna, I’m not too young to die. None of us are.”
“I know, Fagan, I know.” She looked up at him. “The Creator is going to use us all sometime, and it’s going to be hard when He tells us how. But He will give us the power and strength we need to do His will.”
Fagan hugged Brianna. “Pray for me.”
“I am.”

“Bardan was taken by Fàolan’s soldiers.” He said.
“Today in the market place. I tried to stop them, but they had orders from Fàolan himself.”
“I knew it would come to this someday. I only hoped we could have stopped Fàolan before it happened. Fàolan knows that we are strong. He knows that there are people who do not like him and who will rise up against him. After the battle a few weeks ago he knows it even more, and instead of making us love him more, he is going to suppress those who are against him.”
“That’s not wise, right, da?”
“No, it is not. As a ruler, one must get the people on your side, but you must not compromise what you believe, your standards, or your morals to fit what the people want. Yet you must be a good leader who has integrity and competence and who loves his people and wants the best for them.”
“Aye.” Fagan fiddled with one of his curls.
“That is not all you wanted to tell me, I wager?”
“No, da, it is not. There are two more things… I… you know how at the meeting we said that we would not be silent and that we would turn our actions into words. Now that Bardan is gone, there is no one to be frequently telling them… and da, no one else really has the time… but me.”
“Fagan, are you willing to risk your life to do this?”
“When I stood and said that I would take it to the market place and tell them of the Creator’s love, I was not thinking of rotting away in Fàolan’s dungeons. But da, if they want to arrest us, I don’t want them to have to make up a charge. If I am going to be executed, be sent to Fàolan’s deepest, darkest, dungeons, or even if I am to live to be an old man with a family and grandchildren… I want there to be all of the evidence needed that I am a follower of the Creator, without a doubt. Not just words, not just actions, but faith, works, and fruit. I do not want to follow Him halfway, da. I gave Him my whole heart a long time ago, and I’m ready to really find out what that means.”
“Do you believe that this is what the Creator wants you to do?”
“Aye. I felt a strong tugging at my heart after Bardan was arrested. I was at the well with Tabitha and Brianna, and I saw people going by. People I knew, and people that I knew were not followers of the Creator. But instead of seeing them walk toward their homes, I saw them instead walking away from the Creator, into death. And I don’t want to see people doing that! Some of them don’t even realize what they are doing. No one really believed Bardan because he had been around for so long and they thought he was crazy. They don’t think I’m crazy. I don’t mind if they think I’m crazy, but there is a love that needs to be unleashed here. When Adan said that when we have a ruler that we don’t agree with, either the hearts of the people or the hearts of the ruler need to be changed. Da, we need to change the hearts of the people! Not just for their own good, but for the glory of the Creator! They’re defaming Him and blaspheming by saying He’s less than He is when they reject Him for Daron… choosing to eat dirt when there’s a feast! It dishonors the Creator and leaves them unfulfilled!”
“I agree, Fagan. I agree.”
“But do you think it’s wise to tell it so openly? Do you think it would be throwing away my life to do it that way?”
“I do not think serving the Creator is throwing your life away. I believe that the two of those are antonyms, and that one who is truly following the Creator would not be wasting his life if he were arrested and killed because he was telling the world about the Creator’s love. Nay, I think that is great gain. If He called me to the same purpose, I would walk with you all the way, even unto death. Fagan, I love you. I love you so much. When you were born, I prayed that the Creator would use you for His purposes. I give you now my blessing to do this. The Creator is fulfilling the prayers of a new father. I knew that there would have to be a time when I would have to let my children make their own decisions, a time when I could not hold on to them any longer but turn them over to the Creator, for as you said, you gave your heart to Him, so you are more His than mine.”
“I love you, da.” Fagan hugged his father tightly. “But I’m scared. I’m scared to die.”
“Pray that He will make your greatest desire His glory, even if it means your life.”
“Does that mean I won’t fear?”
“Not as much. And He will give you the courage as you need it, even though you may be trembling beforehand.”
“I don’t want to fear.”
“I know, Fagan, I know. Think of other times you’ve been scared.”
“When I fell into the river and almost drowned and then was sick. I thought I was going to die. I didn’t want to leave Brianna, Ahearn, and Brenna without their older brother, especially Brianna.”
“And you made it through, didn’t you?”
“Because the Creator gave you the strength to make it through. Hang on to your trust in Him, Fagan. Never let it go. The moment you let it go is the moment you fall and the moment that you will be a coward. He gives us the courage we need. He grants us His power when we are fulfilling His purposes.”


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