Two Ways of Looking at Life

I wrote this a few weeks ago but am just now getting around to posting it… I have a picture post and a few other posts about the conference and Texas on their way…

I broke down and cried because I thought I broke another piano string. The same one I broke a few weeks ago. The mute won’t stay in, and the lever slipped and I cut my finger.
Piano tuning is hard.
I have no time Sunday afternoons because of piano lessons.
I was home alone almost all day Saturday.

I thought a string broke, then I calmed down and it wasn’t broken, just slipped off the peg. Thankfulness.
Sometimes I have to wrestle with the mutes, but they usually stay for a decent amount of time.
It slips sometimes, but I am learning how to keep the lever steady, and making smaller motions keeps getting easier.
I’ve learned so much already about piano tuning, and about life, from the course.
I have 7 young children to teach the love of music to!
I got lots of music, work, reading, and piano tuning done on Saturday.


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