I’ve wanted to try making donuts for a long time, but mommy doesn’t like us to deep fry things, for health and safety. So last year when Cait and I wanted to have a fall-themed game night/movie day we started looking for baked donut recipes. We found one, but never got around to having our game night/movie day. I had the recipe sitting around in my bookmarks for a long time and finally printed it off. We made them a little while ago. I mixed them up, then later in the evening we rolled out the dough and cut out donut and donut holes and then cut holes out of some of the donut holes to make mini donuts.
We used a 3″ glass to cut them out, and a water bottle spout to cut out the holes. The holes should have been bigger, and the donuts could’ve been, too.

we also made little mini-donuts with the donut holes. 🙂

This is the recipe we used.

You could substitute the butter in the dough for oil if you wanted, and use whole wheat flour. We didn’t on the first time with a recipe, but then I realized how much like bread it is and am thinking you could even use honey or molasses instead of sugar.

trays of donuts!

But except for the sugar, they’re really not that bad for you. 😉


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