Semper Reformanda – Day 1

November is half gone and we’ve been home 2 weeks and I’m just getting to writing about the conference! Most of the other things I’ve been posting were drafts or were quick posts.

I typed up my notes about a week ago (was it really just a week? I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy before!) to send to Anna but they haven’t gone anywhere but to Anna since.

SO. Some of this will be jumbled notes, some will be more coherent paragraphs.

We came in with a big crowd (us, the family we were staying with, and some dear family friends) but there wasn’t a line at all for registration and daddy had picked up our nametags and things before I even realized what was happening. Then I went and met Ashlee and played and talked with our dear Neals. Soon after that we sang some and Mr. Bratton gave an introduction, then Mr. Washer spoke. The topic according to the notebook was “the Organic Church,” but Mr. Washer went on a long tangent (that took up the whole session!) about Psalm 19. But it was quite a glorious tangent!

He talked about having a lack of contentment until the banner of Christ flies everywhere, saying “[the only time we should drop our swords and grow content is when] the last hill is won or Christ returns or takes you home.”

He reminded us that although we love our families and our churches, they are not what we are all about – we are all about Christ. Give yourself to your family but do not make your family an idol. If you care about your family members’ salvation but not your neighbor’s, then perhaps your family is an idol.

The purpose of the biblical family is effective evangelism – Christ’s exaltation! We should be training our kids not to have a moral version of the American dream, but to be arrows who are willing to suffer and die for Christ. We’re not made for comfort and safety but to fight for Him.

It is easier to submit to a husband when he is about Christ and not himself.

All is rot apart from Christ.

Missions is sending the Truth forth through men – so be saturated in the Truth so it can speak through you! We need to revolutionize culture through the gospel.

Run your course with JOY, and read scripture to KNOW Him (not just for enjoyment, but in His presence there is fullness of joy!). God has made us weak for it is in brokenness and weakness we realize we must go to Him. We are not too weak but to strong. Develop a habit of crying out, for apart from Him, we fail! The strength that comes from knowing Him is worth the time. When our hearts are cold is when we need Him most.

No one is given to prayer and scripture reading. We must fight for it. Can you be alone? Can you pursue Christ, giving your time to Him, not the pack?

Jehovah’s Witnesses are wrongly named… for Christians are the true witnesses of Jehovah!

Charismatics should not make us deny or think less of the Holy Spirit, but search scripture for a right understanding of Him.

We are not fighting to lose, and not just holding ground. Planting a Church moves Christ forward on the battlefield. Church planting is a man discerning the vine, seeing where it’s going and growing, then going there to labor. Watch where Christ is moving and then go there.

There is more hope than we can imagine! (Hope in knowing we can do nothing, but God can!)

Then Mr. Shiflet gave a message called “Called and Qualified.”

He reminded us that we don’t need a reform system to change the church, but the gospel.

We went on a quick flyover of Exodus 25-30, with references to Hebrews 8, 9, and 10, and Ephesians, talking about the tabernacle. We can’t be made perfect in an earthly tabernacle; it’s just as shadow. But now the dwelling is in men, so we need to seek to be built up by Him and for Him.

After Exodus 25-30, Moses is overwhelmed with the task set before him. Then God said He would choose, appoint, call, qualify, and equip the workers. He appoints from whatever background He chooses – not letters following someone’s name or what’s on their resume. They are not appointed to self but to the work He’s set for them to do – and not anything more or less. God constrains the workers, “Do this and nothing else.” Follow the plan (regulative principle of worship)!.

The appointment to the church is confirmed by the qualifications given in 1 Timothy and Titus. He hasn’t left it for us to figure out but has a pattern. Don’t be influenced by the world but scripture (sprinkling Jesus on a worldly culture doesn’t heal it). Don’t usurp it, that places you in jeopardy. Seminary can be an aid, but it’s not a qualification. The Church is to train, test, discern, and examine, not seminary. A degree doesn’t qualify – His call does. Then once called He equips for the work.

One way He equips is by His word.

God appoints – so sometimes we don’t have as many as we’d like. Pray for Him to send more laborers!

He constrains jurisdiction and influence and acclaim only within His set roles – Church, not state or family.

Do we recognize what God is building? Do we see the clear pattern He’s given us for the Church? Acts 20, 1 Peter 5

When we do things in a way other than He’s said, we neglect what He has prescribed.

There’s much work to do, but we’re not responsible for all the work – saving souls, making law –NO.

Do you trust His provision?

Then we went to our hosts and slept very soundly except for Candace almost rolling over me. 🙂

Day two coming soon, hopefully!

– Kyleigh

P.S. – For another summary of the conference, go to SpeakDealLiveTruly.


One thought on “Semper Reformanda – Day 1

  1. Laura Elizabeth says:

    I would have liked to be at that conference 🙂
    I like conferences, even though… come to think of it, I can’t really remember ever going to one! Well, I like the thought of going to one =D
    There’s this one conference that I might be able to go to next year (hopefully). It’s in Wisconsin, which isn’t too far from where we live. A few hours drive.
    Anyways, that sounded like a really good conference 🙂
    (Wow, I used the word conference a lot!)


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