Semper Reformanda – Day 3

There wasn’t really a day 3 of the conference, but Mr. Washer preached during Church the next day, and most people from the conference had stayed.
Daddy had a few questions for Mr. Washer and we had an opportunity to talk to him before the service started. One thing really helpful that Mr. Washer said was about seasons – if you have a burden for [international missions, a home business, etc.] God’s given you that and will see it fulfilled in season (or change that desire). Proverbs 31 isn’t a day but her lifetime!

For the sermon, Mr. Washer spoke from 2 Corinthians 5:20-21.
He talked about how we learn more when we are weak than when we are strong. That “great men of God” are weak and pitiful men of a great and merciful God, to whom have been given much grace.
We need to cling to Him in our weakness, cling to Him because He is beautiful to the regenerate.
Don’t judge your goodness by culture, but Christ. Don’t desire Christianity for good earthly things, but for Him. Do it all for Him or it’s idolatry. We must have a reason – Christ. In all your convictions and lifestyle – Get Christ, or be without hope. Don’t want anything but Christ, and train your children so!
Appearance doesn’t save us, but it is important, because the appearance of an ambassador is important – not just the beauty of following His word, but also the beauty of Christ reflected in us. The more you think about Him the more you reflect Him.
I am also a prisoner of Christ – held by His love, constrained by it and driven by it. Driven by His love for me, not mine for Him. He gives His love to all, for in a fallen world there should be nothing good.
Never have we loved/worshiped God as He deserves (with ALL our heart, soul, mind, strength). Yet Christ did that every moment; He knew no sin. Yet He was “made sin” – He always remained the spotless lamb, but my sin was considered to be His and God treated Him as though it was such. He was treated as we ought to be. If it is wrong for Adam’s sin to be imputed to me, it is wrong for my sin to be imputed to Christ. It isn’t right that He blesses us… until Christ.
The greatest problem in scripture: if God is good He cannot forgive us. God’s love and mercy cannot be unjust.
The cross demonstrates His love in a way unlike any other. The death on a cross was not enough – many died on crosses and even went joyfully. Christ feared God’s wrath at Gethsemane, not the cross. Psalm 5:5 – God hates the sinner, not just the sin. If you love kids, you hate abortion, if you love – then there’s also something you hate. He carried our guilt AND our curse.
There are descriptions of the blessed in Matthew 5 (Beatitudes). The opposite of all that was done to Christ.
The only reason we can be blessed is that He was cursed. Deut 28 – all of the curses that should be poured on my head were instead poured on Christ.
Regeneration doesn’t mean we are righteous and free from sin – but “legally” we are righteous before God and He treats us as a righteous man.
There are some things of which we should be afraid. God’s wrath is one of those. Know both His love and severity. Death is the supernatural judgment of God.
Mr. Washer gave several human examples of how Christ took God’s wrath. It was powerful. I don’t think I’d ever dwelt on how heavy God’s hand of wrath was before, to understand the weight of my sin and of the punishment I deserve. And then to think that Christ took it all.
Don’t play with that truth and treat Christ as common!
Cultivate knowing God. We cannot pay for our own sin but through eternity in hell. I don’t need morality, but a Savior.
He didn’t lighten His hand because Christ was His son. If He spares us, He will not spare Christ.
Your weakness should cause you not to doubt His love but marvel at it. If you doubt His love, remember Christ.

You can listen to the sermon here.

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