Joyfully at Home

On the road from Houston to San Antonio and San Antonio to Dallas, and on an afternoon in Dallas, I busied myself reading Joyfully at Home (instead of doing Driver’s Ed like I was going to. But I did plenty on the plane. 😉 ). I was considering doing a review of it when arriving home but for lack of time, I’ve decided to just post my favorite quotes and let the book speak for itself. 🙂

I can give you page numbers if you’re interested, but won’t put them up here. 🙂

“Why is it that we accept biblical manhood in every context – single or married – and encourage men to strive towards the unchanging concept, while biblical womanhood is seen as something that can only truly be realized if we are married? That, if we are single women, our nature is completely different from that of a married woman?”

“What woman has more time on her hands to minister to the church? The one with a full college course-load, who has devoted her time and energy into becoming an independent, autonomous agent? Or the one who has made it her life’s ambition to cultivate the gifts and talents that will aid the brethren, should she remain single, and bless her home should she become a wife and mother?”

“A college degree is no substitute for the assurance we have in Christ.”

“Imagine… home as a hub for ministry and discipleship. Home: where children are brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, diligently trained to impact the world outside of their doors. Home: headquarters for visionary men to lead and inspire their families. Home: the domain of visionary women who desire to bless their families, their churches, and their communities. Home: a place where those who understand the critical importance of a strong, biblically-functioning family to the well-being of society flourish.”

“our every waking thought is directed towards someday, and we lose sight of today. Worse, we lose sight of the Author of today. And yet we still expect Him to satiate our longing for an idea that has become an idol.”

“If you are not the daughter of the King of Kings, you will not be an effective daughter of your earthly parents. If you are not a sister of God’s children, you will not be a good sister to the brothers and sisters in your household. If you are not an ambassador of Christ, your lifestyle cannot witness to the dying world around you. If the Lord Jesus Christ has not transformed you, you are not capable of walking in the righteousness to which He has called you. If you are not being constantly sanctified, daily striving to walk by the spirit, you will fall into the deeds of the flesh.”

“… getting married, like all dreams in my life – should be held in open palms, not clenched fists. Whatever my state, I need to be able to honestly pray, “Thy will be done.” And if His will is that I remain single, the last thing I want to do is forge habits of discontentment so early on in my life! And even if His will is that I get married someday, I want to spend these single years in a joyous pursuit of Him , not matrimony.”

“Home-making is a ministry, not a fantasy.”

“We need to learn to place our needs and desires at the foot of the cross, not on the altar of the perfect husband-to-be.”

“Maybe when this certain young man came to my mind, I needed to pray for him. Maybe the Lord was showing me his admirable qualities so that I would file them away for traits in my future spouse. Maybe the Lord was teaching me a lesson about contentment.”

“[Singleness] isn’t a “less-than” state. It isn’t second-class. It isn’t superior to marriage. It is just a context for women to serve the Lord, while marriage is a different contest… Whether single or married, we’re in that state because it’s where we can best glorify the Lord.”

“I may be right, 100%, about a certain topic, but I lose credibility when my stated goal (to bring glory to God) belies my apparent state of mind (pride).”

“If the girls at your church are “too wordly” seek to encourage them in Christ. If they are “too sheltered,” seek to encourage them in the Lord – if you have no other interest in common, your commonality in Christ should be enough to spur you to minister to them with edifying conversation, and by demonstrating kindness and attentiveness to them, and by praying for them.”

I’d encourage you to get your hands on a copy of Joyfully at Home – it’s easy to read and well-written, but so very very convicting at the same time. 🙂

– Kyleigh


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