The Tale of the Shell-Sword

Once upon a time, there was a brave and mighty warrior. He served a wise and noble king. But the brave and mighty warrior was distressed because someone had stolen the shell-sword, an heirloom passed down from the earliest king onto the current king.
The brave and mighty warrior was sent out by the king on a mission to find the sword.
He thought about where it might be.

“Aha!” he said, guessing that the king’s enemy may have taken it, for not only was the sword an heirloom, but it was also a very strong weapon.

The brave and mighty warrior crossed a desert that was miles wide.

crossing the perilous desert

He journeyed through a forest of trees and giant plants.

entering the forest

Then he walked for days across rocky ground, all in search of the shell-sword.

walking on the rocky road

Soon he came to a large door. He knew that behind it dwelt the king’s enemy. He began to climb the door.

the ominous door

Soon he was able to see into the enemy’s garden.

ascending the door

the view from the top

And there, on the ground, lay the shell sword.

The shell sword itself!


*dramatic pause*

He cheered and hurrayed for joy!


“The shell-sword has been found!”

He bent down to pick it up, but as he held it in his hands the handle broke off.

picking up the treasure

“Oh no! What shall I do?” He wondered.

The broken sword

He decided to take it to the shell-smith, who fixed it up quickly with boiling hot glue.

the tools of the shell-smith


The shell-sword was fixed!

He took it to the king who then knighted the brave and mighty warrior!


Okay, really.
Andrew found the hilt on the beach and said it looked like a sword hilt. I said I’d take it home and make it into a sword for him… so I found the biggest, longest, thinnest shell I could find in our collection and glue-gunned it onto the hilt. Then I got carried away coming up with a story about it and then wanted some photography practice…. and in the process broke the hilt, and glued it back together.
More shells:

When we were at the beach the same day Andrew found the hilt, his mother gave Ashlee and I (and others who were in and out) a lesson about shells. It was fascinating – the way they grow, lose their color and smoothness… the design of God in His creation!


5 thoughts on “The Tale of the Shell-Sword

  1. Rachel Harry says:

    Hahahahaha!!!!! That is great!! Looks like a lot of fun! I should do something like that with my nieces and nephews sometime! They would think it was so much fun! =]


  2. Jordan says:

    Thank you. This just made my day. It brought back memories of adventures my brother and I would go on when we were little. 🙂


  3. WA says:

    Haha. That was kind of funny.
    I remember making acorn-and-stick men when I was 9 or 10 with a Hot Glue gun. The acorns would be the head and body and we’d glue the sticks on for arms and legs.


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