November Spring

November in Dubai feels like Spring in Michigan or Washington… well, more like summer. But with getting our garden underway, many days spent outside in perfect weather and warm sunshine, it felt like Spring to me. I don’t have any pictures of our garden, but that was the only out of the ordinary thing that I spent a lot of time doing. We dug up all of the grass, evened out the nice soil, and then just a few days ago we planted cucumbers, lavender, basil, and garlic. There’s still more to come! … and we have some questions about composting, so if anyone has knowledge in that area, let me know!

I’ve already posted pictures of the beach, and donuts.

We visited Joel and Cait.

From November

Our Fall piano decor…

{I hold onto Fall as long as possible. They’re still on the piano, even with Christmas decorations up}

Chris and Nicky’s wedding…


Even with all these tables together, we only sat 15.

Apple Pie. The best part of Thanksgiving. Pie and sweet potatoes.


Candace’s favorite… sugar turkeys. 🙂 They’re so cute, but I’ve never eaten one because I can’t stand that much sugar!

My windowsill… a spyglass from Cait, a jar of shells, sea glass, and driftwood… my old book collection – all treasures: a 1920 edition of Little Bunny Bunekin, an 1817 edition of Baxter’s Saint’s Everlasting Rest(which smells so good and is being devoured each morning), and Papo’s 5th grade reader, which dates back to the 1860’s.

The King and I – almost all of the King and I pit orchestra rehearsals were in November… and then all but one of the performances were as well. It was such a wonderful experience, and a dream come true – playing in a pit orchestra has been something I’ve wanted to do since before I played an orchestral instrument. The King and I isn’t quite Les Miserables, but it was a pit orchestra nonetheless and the musical has some very good points and very moving moments.

Flowers from daddy after the show my family attended.

2 thoughts on “November Spring

  1. Elena says:

    Thanks for these great pictures! I love getting glimpses of your life in Dubai.

    How exciting to play in the pit orchestra–it must have been so exhilarating!

    Hope you’re doing well, sister 🙂


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