{a post looking forward to the coming year. Be sure to read my post reflecting on 2010}

The things I shall pray most fervently for…

The salvation of my grandfather

God’s mercy on Haiti, the United States, and Lebanon.

Our family to glorify Him more and more, corporately and individually.

My dear ones: Anna, Angela, Sarah T., Teresa, Sarah H., Hezekiah, Rosie, Kelsea, Bekkah, Carolyn, Nicole…

My own sanctification

Upcoming news…

Daddy has been selected to upgrade to Captain! This is such very joyful news, but at the same time quite intimidating, because there will be a month or two when daddy will be very busy and stressed with studying, training, and tests.

I am going to write a musical. So if I disappear from the face of the internet, that is why. I know I really don’t know what I’m undertaking in saying that. If you find random things about Nero, Roman persecution, tidbits of poetry, and incoherent thoughts on my blog, that’s why.

Goals for this year…

I want to finish The Aggadah. Aggadah is a 7-movement piano piece I started about a year ago, when I had no way to notate and no idea what I was doing. 😉 I’m almost done writing and notating it now, but then there’s dreary editing.

I want to thoroughly edit the Victorious Trilogy. If you have time and desire to read them and mark them up, let me know. I need readers!

I want to get the script and lyrics for my musical written. The current working title is “Seed of Blood,” from Tertullian’s saying, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.” Tell me if you think that title is weird or gross.

I want to keep it so that all I want is Christ. I know that’s not something I can do, but I will pray for it.

There are so many things I’m hoping to do, and things that are (Lord willing) going to happen. Angela coming. the campout. YOME. Csehy. Baby quilts. Afghans. Another ball. Driving. Piano tuning. Family time. Running. Quiet mornings with God.

The past two years I’ve only made one New Years resolution. In 2009, it was to memorize more scripture. In 2010, it was to pray more regularly. In 2011, it’s continuing with both of those, and striving to take captive every thought.

What about you? What are your prayers, goals, hopes, and resolutions for 2011?

P.S. – Angela arrives tonight! And I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. This is the first time I’ve ever been excited for a doctor’s appointment… because hopefully we’ll start getting to the root of my persistent cough. And because Angela will be with us all day Thursday, and then much of Friday. 🙂

Oh yes. And new year = new design. What do you think? I’ll have posts coming up about the new name. I’m considering changing the domain as well, but it wouldn’t be to “A Thousand Daily Deaths,” but something like lady.kyleian that could stay no matter what I wanted the other theme to be.


3 thoughts on “2011.

  1. Heather says:

    The musical sounds awesome! Seed of Blood sounds…I’m stuck. I like it, and the quote it’s from is very good, but it sounds kind of vampire-ish. Unfortunately that’s something we writers have to be very careful with nowadays. :0(

    You have a 7-movement piano piece you’re WRITING? Wow. That’s cool. I’m jealous of you people who can write music. ;0)

    I desire to read the Victorious Trilogy! I’ll be an editor, sure. That would be very cool. Could we exchange manuscripts? I’ll send you my slightly re-written Half Blood and you send me the trilogy?

    As for goals; lots and lots of writing goals. Probably my biggest spiritual goal is having the mindset that all I write is God’s…”write for an audience of One” as one writer said. Then there’s things like getting a regular exercise schedule going…maybe even finding exercise that I enjoy. I’ve never been much of a runner. Blegh. :0)


    • kyleian says:

      I never even thought of it like that… it’s a working title. Maybe I’ll come up with something better. If not, I’ll figure out a way to make it really obvious at first glance that there are NO vampires!
      I thought about just writing it off of “Quo Vadis,” but then didn’t want to be tied down to an already-there story line.

      Yes… well, trying to write. I know someday I’ll look at it and it’ll be like my first draft of Hope Victorious. “What was I thinking?”

      I’d love to exchange with you! … and I never thought of “Half-Blood” as sounding vampirish. But then vampires are usually the last thing from my mind.


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