Why I Don’t Like Cats

This cat thinks he owns our garden.

He suns on the basil,

rolls around with the potted lavender,

and tries to use the tomato plot as a litter box.

We were talking about cats and dogs and birds on New Years Eve.  Of course, Me-ology and Theology came with it. I’ve always liked cats as animals but only once have I liked a cat as a pet.
Mrs. M was saying something about cats and dogs and mentioned the me-ology of how cats think they’re god. How they think they’re above us humans and rule the world.

(oh, he also crushes the garlic)

And then it hit me why I don’t like cats.

Man is meant to be above the animals, not below them.
Cats mess that up. Dogs do a little. They put us up with God. Sorry dogs. Not you either.
I do like birds, though… especially ducklings.

Cats, you’re not god. God is God. YOU. are. an animal.
Stop acting like God and I’ll like you.


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