A Skewed View

One of my un-spoken New Years’ Resolutions was to have no drafts for my blog, which meant posting a lot less. Since there’s been one post this past week, I think I’m succeeding. Though I do have one draft. But it’s all written, just waiting for the right time to post it.
When Angela was staying with us, we talked. a lot. and about everything. Our conversations ambled along and drifted from one thing to another quite smoothly. Sometimes we were dead serious, and talked very quietly and had our Bibles out, other times we were loud and goofy.
These thoughts spew from one of our more serious along-the-way conversations, about government. I’ve been thinking about it since, and just wanted to share a short thought.
In 1 Peter 2, Peter speaks of being subject to the authority of the government that God has placed over us. That would mean not stirring up trouble or speaking ill of leaders or seeking to overthrow them.
But I think our view is skewed when we talk about government contradicting scripture. Most of the time we hear people saying ‘obey the government except where it contradicts scripture.’ But shouldn’t we instead say ‘obey scripture?’
Scripture should be the bottom line. Who cares what the government says (I say this not in a way that means directly oppose government, but that what the government dictates doesn’t dictate our lives). Obey God, not man.
Our consideration should not be the laws of men, but the laws of God.
Just a thought.

Pro Christo,

P.S. – It’s been raining. 🙂 And I sprained my ankle last week, but I think it’s almost all better now. I went running this morning, and it felt so good to be using it again and to be exercising and enjoying the cool, wet, morning. I did some writing last night, too. You can read it here.


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