Winter Jumble

{written on Wednesday}

A funny but frightening story: I was on an antihistamine (still can’t spell that without spell check!) last month, to try to clear up my chlorine allergy. I knew I didn’t want to be on it long-term, but still said I’d give it a go. It seemed fine the first week (we said we’d try it for two weeks) but wasn’t really doing much. I wasn’t coughing as much, but that was about it. I said I’d try for a few more days, then that was it.
That night the dreams started.
I normally have weird dreams. Like being chased by a balrog during World War II. Or being stuck on an island and then being attacked by South African pirates. But they’re not usually scary. Five nights in a row, I had awful nightmares. Praise God, they’re gone now. But one I remembered the other day and thought it was almost funny (not full of flashing lights, man-eating fish, chases in the dark…). It was actually a nice dream until the end.
I was at Disney World with a good friend. We ambled around for a while. Then suddenly that friend was replaced by Emily Rose and Breezy. We played in a sandbox, even though it was really cold outside. Then we were going somewhere (I don’t know where. My dreams are colorful where I am, but always grey beyond that). A lady with a group of school children came by. Candace was with us. And then the lady was saying that Federal Law required Candace to go with them. I remember punching the lady (I don’t think dream selves are like real selves). We took off running, and then I woke up.
Is my weirdness confirmed?

Some sad news: Brian Jacques died. Were it not for him, I probably wouldn’t have started writing. My first stories were Redwall stories. Anna and I wrote Redwall together. We played Redwall together.  We made recipes from Redwall.
On the bright side, I can now catch up on the Redwall books. I’ve fallen behind. 😉

A discussion of the weather: It’s football season again. Which means Saturday mornings are spent in sunshine. How delicious.

This weather has been wonderful. I think I can live with Winter in Dubai. Rain here and there, with sunshine in between.

My piano students passed by when I was walking and taking pictures. They wanted to know what in the world was I doing. I think I boggle their minds. Especially Amy. She wanted to know what I wanted to be when I grew up. So I said a wife and mother. She said no, I had to be something. I said that was being something. She wasn’t content until I said I’d be a “teacher, cook, bus driver, home manager…” A few weeks ago she asked if I missed being a child. 😀

One of these little boys was walking to the bus when I was running the other day. It was in the upper 50’s, and had taken me a whole mile of running to get warm. The poor boy was in his school uniform shorts, but was wearing a sweater, and looked miserably cold. Poor lad. He rides his bike to the park and then leaves it there and walks to the gate where the bus comes. (all a distance of about 1/16th of a mile).

A movie review: The other night we (mommy, daddy, and I. I miss Cait when we watch ‘grown-up movies’.) watched “Amistad.” We skipped a few scenes, but otherwise it was really good. Reminded me a little of “Man to Man,” because of the treatment of the Africans. What was most impressed upon me was Baldwin’s resolve to keep on going, to do what’s right, even with death threats and when faced with such great injustice. Also the corruptness of government, succumbing to the whims and agendas of the leaders, instead of what the country was built on (though I do think we put too much emphasis on “the founding fathers.” Shouldn’t instead our emphasis be on scripture?).
And the soundtrack was amazing. John Williams, of course.

Music: I feel like I’ve been practicing oboe incessantly, though it hasn’t gone over an hour of playing every day. But I record myself every few days, then listen and analyze. It almost killed me the first time. I don’t know how much of the terrible tone is myself or the recorder. I’m assuming it’s the recorder, or my teacher would have worked with me on the tone…
Anyway. The other day I looked out the window to see this at the construction site out my window.

A fan. You hot up there in the crane? Ok. We’ll bring you a fan.
Though I don’t see how anyone could be hot right now, especially in a crane where you’re up high and exposed to wind. I get cold so easily. We’re going camping this weekend and I’m going to freeze.
The construction site is loud a lot of the time, especially at 6 in the morning when they’re unloading trucks (please, have some respect for those who get up at 6:45!). Sometimes the clanging sounds like a clock tower, and I can pretend on misty mornings that I’m near St. Andrews Kirk.

Composition: My composition work for this month is finishing an arrangement of “the Lilting Banshee” for string trio. I went back and forth about 4 times over whether or not to include a low D whistle. In the end I ditched it, and that’s my final decision. I’m getting lots of inspiration from Master and Commander. I finished the exposition, but I’m not quite happy with it, though I really can’t tell what it sounds like because Sibelius won’t cooperate on playback. I’ll just have to wait till Csehy this summer where I can get Angela’s brothers to play it.

Books: Editing has been upped to 4 chapters a week. I’ve been scribbling here and there in stories, but mostly it’s been editing and my newest serial on Apricot Pie, Leviticus.  I read “The King and I” and “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers,” this week. Both inspirational and thought-provoking. I’m also reading “Letters on Practical Subjects to a Daughter.” Daddy gave it to me for Christmas.

Piano tuning: I set the temperament for the third time on Monday night. Then I took the action out and played with it for a while. It’s growing on me.

Sewing: I got the heart appliques for baby girl quilt (I need a more creative name) stitched on this week. And now I have 3 out of 19 with decorative edging on them. Thank you, Amistad, and SuperBowl. Quilting made the Superbowl somewhat enjoyable. I’m sorry, even with my brother playing football, I just don’t get and don’t like the sport. Give me a Frisbee. 😀

Prayer: And please please please be praying for Egypt, Jordan, Ivory Coast, Sudan… the growing list of places in turmoil. And pray for Lebanon. Pray that it will stay off that list. Be like the Psalmist in Psalm 119, “My eyes shed streams of tears, because people do not keep your law.” That’s the most important thing. Preach Christ, and let that bring peace. Don’t patch up the turmoil with a false peace.
Just Christ.

Pro Christo,


One thought on “Winter Jumble

  1. Cait says:

    I love you sister. I had a terrible dream a few nights ago as well, though not accompanied by antihistamines. That one is strange! It’s surprising to me that Brian Jacques has died. Was he very old? See you for a sleepover!!


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