February Song

{the title has nothing to do with Josh Groban’s gorgeous song, except that I’ve been playing it often on the piano, so the phrase has been stuck in my head}

February was full of joy. A campout, a sleepover, a concert, and an interview are the first things that come to mind. It’s pretty safe to say my camera was on manual the whole month, with the exception of a few pictures I needed to take really quickly or pictures others took on my camera.

Camping! These pictures are from Kira. I left my camera at home.
Because of this wind, we couldn’t play Frisbee. Which meant a lot of us hung out near the camp, talking, or a little ways away, playing Ninja, talking, or flying this epic kite.

Then we flew it off of the side of a dune, and jumped off and let it carry us for a while.

It was so much fun. Words cannot describe flying that kite. Exhilarating comes close, but doesn’t quite capture the soaring you feel inside and out. But it was kind of scary when it lifts you off your feet.

Sleepover with Joel and Cait!

Why yes, I like my food.

Bugsy Malone and city lights.

Dessert. 🙂

watching Les Miserables. Candace had been conducting.

Joel was reading Poe. Nate was a little unsure.

… but Candace loved it.

… I’ll side with Nate.
Then they were dancing, but I’ll spare you the pictures.
Sunny was perfect for about 10 pictures, then gave me ‘the look’ and turned her back on me.

“Okay, human, that’s enough.”
I don’t like being ruled by cats.

Desert cookout:

The kids (12 and under, by their decree.. 😉 ) always make their own fire.
… while I started the adult fire.

There was much more greenery than usual, especially for the scant amount of rain we’ve gotten this year.

We went out to eat (to our favorite Italian restaurant) to celebrate Daddy’s successful interview.

Tuna, capers, tomatoes, and olives on gnocchi. I love my food.

Cait and I went to Dubai mall to run errands and teach me the public transport here. We also got frozen yogurt at Red Mango.

And of course there was the Mozart concert. Which I still can’t believe has already happened. I loved playing, but I’m glad it’s over and I’m glad to be working on something other than Mozart, as it’s been my primary piece since April (with a break for Haydn in December).

And football.

And there was a farewell party at Safa Park for a family from church. (We also journeyed across the park to play Frisbee later in the afternoon. Huzzah!).

I love baby teeth. And eyelashes.

And children playing.

And tree monkeys.

And cute babies. This is THE CUTEST EVER. I love her so much.

Slacklining. So much fun, even though I stink at it… and with all of the kiddos we didn’t do a whole lot of walking for a while.

And an astronomy lesson of sorts…

Land of my heart.

But I was wondering this month: do we as photographers try to hide the fallenness of the world? I played with the lighting in the desert when we were barbecuing out there, and to be honest, the colors of the desert are pretty bland if you don’t go that far out. I want what I photograph to look good, but I also want it to look real. Just a thought that entered my head.

And Little Women. That’s the February soundtrack. Tied with Amistad, but I already mentioned Amistad (I still cannot get enough of “Dry Your Tears, Afrika” after what’s probably 100 times…). I love Little Women. Kind of. It’s like Les Miserables. The characters can make me so angry sometimes, but I love them just the same. Maybe I like those stories so much because they’re so real, they’re sinful people, not fake people. I love the movie with Claire Danes as Beth. I’ve never liked Amy, even in the book. Beth and Jo have always been my favorites. Meg was… alright. I loved Laurie until the second half.
I just wish the March’s theology was better.
I remember once asking mommy who she thought I was most like; she said Jo. I’ve always wanted to be most like Beth, but I have a loud Jo streak running through me…
This month’s hymn was, as predicted, “Abide With Me.” I can’t count the number of times I thought “I fear no foe with Thee at hand to bless.”
My resolutions are going. Not necessarily well, but I’m fighting with Christ’s help.
How are yours?

Pro Christo,


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