March Madness

March was a whirlwind. Some days I was constantly busy, from the time I wake up and exercise then read and pray, then eat breakfast and do chores, Arabic, family worship, oboe practice, piano or guitar, then lunch and composition/writing/emailing/teaching piano… or driving or helping daddy with finances… I can’t remember ever being so busy.
A quick summary might be: a week away, a practice, a picnic, the desert, a ball, a troubled soul, learning conversation, and some silliness of heart being rooted out (slowly).

March 1 was mommy’s birthday.

A very purple bedroom:

… more football…

March 9-16 I was in a neighboring city ‘nannying’ for a family. I wrote about that a few weeks ago.

I got back home and then the next day we had a final rehearsal for our ball… which consisted of lots of dancing, but also goofing off.

Then Friday after church there was a church picnic, which consisted of slacklining, food, photography, trees, little children, and Frisbee. I find it really hard to really talk to people at big events, but I’m learning…

Then we headed out for a desert barbeque, which was nice.

Saturday was our second English Country Dancing ball… and this one had a theme! Everyone was supposed to dress up as something historical, and I think everyone did – we had American Revolution, Les Miserables, Anne of Green Gables, Davy Crockett, 1800s, Celtic, 80s, pioneer… and we danced and ate and talked and laughed…

As we said, there was an abundance of food, but not so much of people… though the people that were there were some of my favorites and made it much easier to teach some of the hard dances we’d chosen! I danced my favorite dance (which I usually end up calling) with my friend Rachel, and we got so dizzy… but it was fun. And I didn’t have a partner for one, so I played photographer and got some pictures of the dancing.

Then on the 22 and 23 we went camping with the Ms. Such a sharpening time – stargazing, singing, eating, taking pictures, getting ice cream at 9 in the morning… and the conversations we had around the campfire, those days when ‘family worship’ spreads from a few verses of 1 John and 2 songs and 5 minutes of prayer to hours and hours of sharing scripture and telling stories about Christians God used and reading excerpts from books we’ve been reading… and then we slept under the stars and woke up to do it all again.

Then Saturday was Candace’s last soccer game.

Though I was more interested in these cuties, who loved to have their pictures taken.

Then the last week of March was rather trying for me, because I had my to-do list but it kept getting pushed to the side as we had people over for dinner (I absolutely LOVE having people over for dinner, but it meant less time composing and reading. The funny thing is God gave me more time to do it later). One of those was another long potluck with the Neals and Ms, which could always go on forever and are always so rich in Christ.

Then I had an extra-long driving lesson with daddy, an almost spur-of-the-moment morning at Cait’s with the C girls, ended up doing some of the family finances for the past few months and calculating things for taxes… and yet it’s so much more satisfying than the me-time I had planned. I love seeing how He works. I love worshiping Him instead of satisfying self. And I love being His. This month I’ve been clinging to His character, who He is. Not what He’s done, but who. The Mighty, Victorious, Just, Merciful, Loving, Awesome God we serve. Once I had trouble thinking of His justice and wrath as God and glorious. But now I love Him more for them. And Him without them wouldn’t be Him.

Pro Christo,


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