50 Things

… for my 400th post.

These are completely random and sometimes very silly…
1. I love the heat. 90+ is perfect weather. Without humidity.
2. I like running.
3. Sugar makes me jittery or makes me cough and I really can’t stand very much of it at once. If I have dessert, I like there to be more flavor than sweetness.
4. I don’t think I’ll marry an American, but God may surprise me!
5. I want to have lots of kids and adopt lots
6. The extent of my ‘great and terrible injuries’ is a bloody shin from playing Man Hunt when I was 10, a twisted knee, broken pinky, broken little toe, a bruised nose, jammed fingers, and a sprained ankle. I’m usually quite safe… if you want stories, I can tell. 😉
7. I think I’d do better as a mother of lots of boys than of lots of girls.
8. I love bugs and snakes, as long as they’re not on me without my consent and aren’t poisonous. Except for worms and slugs.
9. I love sunshine and bright colors
10. I love eating onion, garlic, ginger, lemons, and limes raw and plain.
11. The best kind of sandwich is apple, onion, smoked turkey, and white cheddar, on whole wheat ciabatta or focaccia bread… and broiled. Mmm.
12. I prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream, gelato to frozen yogurt, and normal yogurt + special toppings above gelato. Yogurt is my snack of choice, often topped with raisins, walnuts, and honey. Yes, I’m a health food nut. Because it tastes better that way.
13. I like chocolate very, very dark – 75%+
14. I love green and purple olives, but can’t stand black olives.
15. I also can’t stand bell peppers, especially when they’re cooked. I don’t like ground meat, eggplant, or fungus, but I will tolerate them if I really really need to.
16. I love the sea. The smell, the sound, the feel.
17. I have crackly joints. My thumbs crack when I do arpeggios on piano, and my shoulder cracks when I brush my hair. I freaked out a physical therapist once when my wrist cracked whenever she moved it.
18. I love spicy food – but not too spicy – just enough to make me want bread or milk, but not run screaming for it.
19. I can’t work very well with people looking over my shoulder. You can read it and analyze it as much as you want later, but not while I’m writing it.
20. I love chopping, stirring, and sautéing. Stir fry is my favorite food – appeals to the cook (this one, anyway), the eye, the body, and the stomach.
21. Doing dishes and kneading bread relaxes me. So do scales.
22. I love quilting. But it is NOT relaxing.
23. Grilled chicken is the best (broiled doesn’t cut it).
24. I knit for a few years before I learned how to crochet, then ditched the knitting, and then in the past 6 months have taken it up again, along with crocheting.
25. I’ve written stories since I was 10. It went from school to love to hobby to relaxation and word pictures.
26. I love making pictures with music.
27. And also taking pictures. “Watch out, she’s going to shoot you with a Canon!” I don’t like lots of lenses, just camera.
28. The reason I don’t like lots of lenses and fancy stuff is that it takes me a long time to learn to do anything technological.
29. But once I learn I usually learn it backwards and forwards and can use it really efficiently.
30. My favorite colors are orange, bright blue, brown, and purple, in that order.
31. I would love to have a cozy home filled with children, with a big garden and even bigger yard. And homeschooling and playing music together and seeking Christ together. And practicing hospitality and not getting tied down in rigid schedules. And we’ll make wherever we are a mission field.
32. I love cheese.
33. I love Frisbee (and volleyball, too).
34. I love music.
35. The above could be considered an understatement.
36. I love making music – playing – piano, guitar, pennywhistle, Low D whistle, oboe, vocal chords…
37. I love writing music
38. I love listening to music – soundtracks, classical, Celtic, Michael Card
39. I love smelling old books.
40. I love reading books. If I get a good one, I devour it. See my “Books” page. “Articles,” too.
41. I can go from being really quiet and shy to being completely bonkers in a matter of 5 minutes.
42. But I usually don’t go bonkers around you till I have been around you enough or am with my family or it’s after 10 at night.
43. And if I’m with my family and don’t know you’re there, beware – loud singing, sword fighting, mixing up languages, high-pitched screeches, goofy accents, funny dances, operas, movie quoting… will ensue.
44. Sometimes we’re more normal and civilized and sit down with musical instruments and sing and play. But we’re not much quieter then.
45. I’m very much a morning person. I start shutting off at about 9:30 at night, but can be wide awake at 5 in the morning. Sorry to night people when I’m loving mornings… you can drive me nuts at night, so it goes both ways. 😉
46. I have an obsession with making things smaller so they take up less space. I’m always deleting old files or re-organizing or getting rid of things.
47. I love to bake and cook, but I detest taking things in and out of the oven. I think it’s because on my 17th birthday I was putting shoo fly pie into the oven and burned my finger, proceeding to spill the filling all over the bottom of the oven and getting a nice burn on my finger. So if I shy away from the oven sometimes, that’s why.
48. I’m chlorine intolerant, apple juice upsets my stomach or gives me a headache, and pepper bothers one of my teeth. I can’t wear metal necklaces or put lotion on my neck or I can’t breathe. I’m done complaining now.
49. If I ever have a donkey, I’m going to name it Odie. Because then it would be Donkey Odie, like Don Quixote, only better. But I don’t want donkeys, I want ducks (and maybe a lemur).
50. I remember things in pictures – word pictures, images in my head… but also smells and feelings. I try to put down all important memories and feelings into words or in a picture.

And 1 more…
– I love choirs in soundtracks. LotR, Schindler’s List, Amistad…

P.S. – I’m trying to implement a new rule, that if I don’t have time to reply to things on email or Facebook, I won’t be ON them. Hopefully that means I won’t spend time wandering around the Internet.


2 thoughts on “50 Things

  1. Kate says:

    Wow; I had no idea we had so much in common! I was going to say which points I could relate to, but I lost track pretty quick there… 1,3,5,7,9,13,16,18,21,22,25,27…yeah. 🙂


  2. Laura says:

    Number 19 is very much me. I hate it when people look over my shoulder when I’m doing things. I get all nervous and make mistakes. Which may be why I mess up when I’m doing something like playing an instrument in front of people 🙂
    Number 42… sort of. I don’t exactly go bonkers around anyone, but my siblings and I can get pretty goofy. We found that we are craziest around 11 p.m., so when we’re being goofy and it’s not late, we say, “Wait a minute. We can’t be crazy right now. It’s not eleven!”
    I love music a whole lot, too!
    Thankfully, I’ve never broken anything. I’ve had to get stitches once. I don’t have allergies or anything 😀 Oh, and I don’t like heat. It gives me a headache.


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