Good Reads Lately

This weekend is pretty crazy, and this whole week seemed that way… and I think next week will, too. But summer plans are falling into place, and almost all of my lists and to-dos for the year are accomplished. 🙂
These are some articles and blog posts I’ve read in the past month or so that were helpful, challenging, and encouraging. I don’t really have time to write up what I’ve been thinking about, but in other people’s words, this has been it:

Some of these I’ve linked to before, others not.
To Love Christ
Recent Revolutions – How Do We Think Biblically? 
I’m Better than You
Why The Insomnia of Jesus Matters to Us (worry sleeplessness VS sleeplessness because of anguished sleeplessness)
The Greatest Untapped Evangelistic Opportunity Before the Modern Church
What’s Wrong for You May not be Wrong for Me
Ten Ways to Avoid Plateauing (avoiding complacency. I’ve printed this and stuck it in my musical composition notebook and saved it to my desktop)
Thoughts on Prayer
Faith Like a Dandelion

… and a funny, but true video.

P.S. – Here’s a site I’ve been loving.  I don’t quite agree with their stance on everything (they tend to generalize the South and forget Virginia’s reasons…) And I learned a new word on it, my favorite new word – sesquicentennial.


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