May was another one of those months that was incredibly busy with… life. Looking back it wasn’t any one huge thing that kept us busy, but day-to-day school, music, hospitality, and home. (And driving, composition, writing, teaching, and tuning for me).
Speaking of which… I tuned the piano for the first time in May. 🙂 🙂 Yes, I was absolutely exhausted when I finished, but it was so worth it and I’m motivated to keep working. I really need to get a good test blow. Especially on octaves (but I don’t know how I’m going to do that. Octaves are hard enough without having to hit them hard).

Daddy and I went driving outside of the parking lot. I can’t drive legally on the roads, so we’ve found some abandoned or unfinished areas a bit of a ways away I can practice on.

Driving out to get there.

And there you have it. Signs rising up from the ground. It’s kind of creepy-looking at times. Just signs, shrubbery, sand, and a few roads.

We were at Joel and Cait’s a couple times. This kitty… I still don’t know what to say about her, other than she is 100% CAT. Soft, furry, sometimes cuddly… but queen of the universe (in her mind) and likes to put you back in your place. But sometimes she poses for good pictures. 🙂

We made a movie.

Nate’s birthday:

(85% dark chocolate… can you tell he loves it?)

And a few days earlier, they’d gone paintballing and then come back to the house for cake, ice cream, and wisdom from the dads.

At friend’s for lunch with my family… and then I went over there two more times to spend the morning or afternoon with the mom. My favorite part of May, I think.

Oh yes. “This product forbids the swallow.” “Under the parent serve as guardian usage.” “Not in keeping with 7 years old and above child plays.” … say what?

This is the crazy 3-legged hamster. Dufflepud.

Writing a special letter for a special person’s 18th birthday.

Frozen yogurt for a friend’s birthday

And I went through the membership classes at church, and had my interview – that took up about 2 days, plus lots of time praying, reviewing, and reading. All very good, and challenging, and sanctifying. (And, it was a wonderful blessing to go through them with my dear friend Hannah, who was baptized last night! Hallelujah!!! … she was my transport both days, and it was great to be able to discuss everything right away and with someone I’ve known for so long and whose company I enjoy so much).

Lots of editing in comp. and writing (fun?). I read “Democracy in America,” tuned a lot, cut hair, quilted, and listened to some lectures from the SAICFF filmmakers academy.

This song
is the one I probably listened to the most. I admit, it was “The Young Victoria” that got me hooked on it, even though I’m not the biggest fan of that movie. I like the costuming and most cinematographical elements, and this music.

And this song (below) is one I thought and prayed and sang a lot.
“In my heart there is a stirring
One that did not start with me
A love to worship my Creator
To show His love for all to see

I will worship, I will honor
I will exalt the Lord above
All my days, I’ll sing the praises
Of His great redeeming love.

In my heart there is a treason
One that poisons all my love
Take my heart and consecrate it,
Wash it in Your cleansing blood.

Tie me to the rock unchanging
Tie me to His wondrous cross
I’ll fix my eyes upon the Savior
All other things I count as loss.”


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