Pictureless Csehy ReCap

… because I don’t feel like dealing with downloading pictures until I get home home.

Each year Csehy gets more and more wonderful, even with its imperfections. This year it was less ‘big’ but no less something God used to grow me. In quick words, it was challenging, equipping, humbling, and growing.

Challenging: I was a composition major, and because of the way things worked out, I’d get up at 6:30 to use a hall mate’s computer for an hour before breakfast. Then we’d have chapel and band after breakfast, followed by choir and then lunch. After lunch I usually had a composition lesson, then would write more music or practice oboe. Then was free time, which was usually Frisbee, but twice meant going to the nursing home for ministry teams, once meant a master class, and once meant a composition recital. And another day it was a wonderful hour with the oboe teacher, who is one of my dear friends.
There were lots of deadlines and rehearsals for composition, most of which were very much in my hands, which added a lot of stress. But with that came lessons on letting go and remembering that we don’t always get everything done, as well as seeing how much we can get done when we rely on God.
I was challenged many times to give desires (even good ones) over to God and let Him control my life, and growing in my relational skills with people (especially running rehearsals. Sometimes it’s good to step on toes and tell people they need to do it differently). Another thing I was challenged in was getting rid of pride – as we sang “Non Nobis Domine” (Not to us Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory) in choir and I realized how much I was wanting glory to come to me.

Equipping: I saw many, many good friends again and made many new ones. Through chapel messages, evening devotions with my hall, my own quiet times, and fellowship and encouragement with other believers, God has started to equip me for trials I see coming in the coming year, as well as things I probably don’t forsee yet. Musically I learned a lot, too. In oboe, lots with phrasing and where in your head a note comes from. Vocally, hitting higher notes and having better sound. In theory, being more accurate and speedy in analyzing. In composition, getting so much more practice and understanding how it all works lots more.
But I’d pay for Csehy any day without the musical side, and without the Frisbee side. If only for the fellowship it’s worth it.

Humbling: There were so many days where I fell into bed thinking “I have so much to learn.” At home I often feel like a great musician and like I’m getting really far along. Sometimes I feel the same way in my spiritual journey as well. But the farther into life we get, I think the more we realize how far we have to go, and how far short of perfection and His glory we fall… and the words from ‘Man of Sorrows’ enter my mind: “Full atonement, can it be? Hallelujah, what a Savior!” With all my shortcomings, yet in Christ there is full atonement! Can it really be? Praise Him!

Growing: There’s lots of ways I grew that I can’t put my finger on. Little things like ways I relate to people, boldness in asking questions and not being afraid to talk to people. Growing to love others even when it hurts and when they hurt us or when we see their sin more. And in boldness to confess sin to others when it needs to be. I asked a dear friend to pray for me in a specific area and found we both struggled with it and were able to encourage and strengthen each other even there, and have been praying for each other.
I also realized that there’s not really going to be any rest until heaven. There will always be work to do for Him here on earth. Soon we’ll be with Him and done with the troubles of the world. But for now, we’ve work to do.

This year I was really struck by the love of Christ that abounds there. I was struggling with a lot of physical issues, like a lack of sleep and reactions to chlorine, and they were really starting to affect me and weigh me down. And then some other things that needed prayer. But once I spoke up about them, I finally realized I should’ve sooner – because I realized how much I’m loved, even though I’m so undeserving of it. I was overwhelmed so many times by the blessings God gives me – my family, my friends, music, Csehy, – full atonement!

Some sillies and highlights:
– Many reunions: Kevin, Rachel, Sarah, Ruth, Michael, Angela, Sheridan, Carolyn, Mrs. R, Katie, Nancy, Jonathan, Tim, Mark, Mr. Stith…
– Many new friends: Naomi, Michelle, Chanae (most wonderful roommate! ๐Ÿ™‚ ), Aimee (most wonderful counselor!)…
– 3 wonderful bonfires: times of sharing, prayer, and meditation on His Word and His glory
– Talking about His glory displayed in the heavens with Michael and Jon, in devos as we sat under the stars, and down at the Field of Dreams the night before I left. And many other times while I enjoyed the clouds.
– Having Nate there with me. Shouting “Brother!” and giving hugs (no sibling purple!) and having another of my family there made it so much more wonderful.
– Writing my first ‘commission’ – a tuba solo!
– Not having boggled brains all the time in theory class…
– Though my brain was often frying, which Michael so obligingly did for me when I was stressed.
– Encouragement after singtime with Mr. Haynes and Mrs. R
– Teasing: “Is that a question?” “Inside voice, Kyleigh.” “That says a lot about you.”
– Cuppa cup Frisbee tournament! Dr. Shewan’s team rules (almost literally)! ๐Ÿ™‚
– Listening to Mr. Csehy’s testimony
– Olive juice and olive juice more with Rachel Harry.
– Early morning praying in bed.
– Not-quite-so-gruelling choir rehearsals
– Walking from lunch to the music building with Mr. Haynes
– Spending a beautiful evening on the lawn with Naomi studying Lamentations
– Singtime with Jonathan, hearing all his low bass notes and sharing favorite hymns.
– Sitting on the rock enjoying faint music and voices and chalk and perfect evening air.
– Preparing for the Jubilee concert.
– Singing “Come Thou Fount” in harmonies with Michael and Abby in the picnic line.
– Learning lots of Csehy history from the memory room and Alumni.
– Hanging out in the memory room with Mrs. P and talking about Csehy and roles of women and churches and doctrine and life.
– Traipsing around Letchworth park as a hobbit and enjoying waterfall spray, trees, Frisbee, slides, swings, and train bridges.
– A pre-church walk around the field with Michelle and Chanae.
– Reminiscing with Jonathan and Rochelle
– Being music nerdy just because.
– Singing the benediction in a circle
– Handbells! ๐Ÿ™‚
– Walking around with Tim after he took my de-chlorinized water to the office.
– Arranging “How Great Thou Art” to practice the hymn arranging master class and play for Ministry teams with Clare and Chanae
– A hard oboe lesson but it was unburdening.
– Rehearsals rehearsals rehearsals… did I mention there were a lot of rehearsals?
– Talking about dating, purity, and courtship on the track during girl’s swimnight.
– Clare laughing and Nancy feeding me applesauce and going through the ice cream line with Michael (cone shakers! :))
– Early morning run with a group.
– Hebrews 12 and 2 Corinthians 4 and Ezekiel 16
– You will be reunited with friends on the back of a quacking duck…
– Being astounded hearing Jonathan H. and J Raj when they played the tuba solo and the piano piece for the first time and at the comp recital.
– A wonderful composition recital, followed by a wonderful picnic and dress rehearsal (Josh Rawleigh!)
– Overwhelmed by the love of Christ in the Csehy family after bonfire.
– Rejoicing in the many awards given out!
– Completely unawkward escorting for once! ๐Ÿ™‚
– Terribly hard farewells, especially to Mrs. R.
– Taking bells back to the bell room
– Staying up late trying to beat “Pandemic” with Kevin
– Stargazing and singing hymns with Jonathan, Brian, and Alex on a midnight trip down to the Field of Dreams. “Holy, Holy, Holy,” sounds even more glorious when walking across a dew-laden field in barefeet and a cloak and being sung with harmonies.
– A 6 AM run and time of fellowship and prayer and awe at Him with Angela.
– Spending most of the afternoon in the memory room with Mrs. P.

Coming home is always so hard. I miss the constant fellowship and music nerdiness. I’ve been wanting to burst into hymns almost constantly but have no one to remind me of the words when I forget the words to “I’d Rather Have Jesus” or “Man of Sorrows.” But I want to make wherever I go as Christ-exalting as Csehy, and my conversations at home to be just as seasoned with salt, and to be just as open with friends in Dubai and my family as I am with my dearests at Csehy.

He has me where I am now and I’m rejoicing in that and delighting in being with family and serving them. I’m always amazed at all of His blessings (even after a hard day like today. It was long, and hard, but I’ve done almost all of my stateside shopping and have my learner’s driving permit. Praise Him!). I can’t imagine a better life, even with its trials.
He’s amazing.

– Hobbit


One thought on “Pictureless Csehy ReCap

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Sounds fun! I really like the title of your blog. It caught my eye when I was reading A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles blog. Very neat.
    If you are interested I write a blog at http://www.projectpaperie.blogspot.com
    I would be honored if you would add the link to you sidebar. I am also having a giveaway contest until the end of this month.
    Thanks and God Bless.


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