Just a quick update on my summer. 🙂
Anna came a few days after I arrived in Washington after Csehy. We had a wonderful time – lots of writing and singing and walking and reading and discussing the Word. I drove for about an hour every day. It’s going a lot better and I don’t dislike it anymore, as long as I’m going somewhere and not just driving to practice. I still don’t like going fast, though.
Last weekend we drove down to Oregon and spent a wonderful afternoon, evening, and night with friends – playing Empires, peek around the corner, imaginiff, freeze tag… eating, talking… not wanting to go to bed. And then in the morning we went to the Rebelution conference. It was challenging in that I realized lots of little hard things I was slacking off in, and equipping to tackle them and also the more obvious hard things like piano tuning and getting speed up while driving even when I really don’t want to. But the best part was having a day like that to spend with Rosie and talking between sessions with her, Arthur, and Nate.
The worst part was saying goodbye to them. But I didn’t get to think about how I didn’t want to leave for very long because I drove for a while on the way back. And then the next day after church there was a potluck and then the whole extended family came over. Then the next day we took Anna to the airport – and I drove back! 🙂 That was fun… especially driving through the fog when we were back on country roads.
Since then it’s been driving, running, oboe practice, writing, piano practice, and crocheting, mostly, with some cooking and composing thrown in here and there. Internet has been off and on but should be here to stay now.
Tomorrow morning we leave for Alaska for the week.

… so that’s a quick peek of the past 3 weeks. 🙂

– Kyleigh

“Come here, my little minion, and sit at my feet.” – Susannah


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  1. James Dunn says:

    Although I don’t regret spending my summer in Maine, I wish I’d been in Oregon when you all were there. It sounds like both your and my family were encouraged. Hopefully sometime again our families will meet and I won’t be absent.


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