Lessons from a Quilt Square: A Quilt for A Special Baby


We’d just been at JoAnn’s. I’d picked out red and yellow fabric, just like I’d planned since before we knew she was pregnant.
“If they ever have a baby, I’ll make them a Ferrari quilt.”
Red and yellow, Ferrari colors, because he loves Ferraris. Red, because of the blood of Christ, as they were reminded daily by the red in their house.

And then we heard there were complications. She was on bed rest.
“No! I just bought fabric for a quilt!” I thought. “Baby has to make it!” (That’s a silly reason, but it was true. And there were lots more reasons, of course).
We began to pray, and so did the church. Whenever I thought about the projects I had to start when I got home, I prayed for their baby. Whenever I read the weekly emails from church, I prayed for their baby.
By the time I got home from the states, she was allowed to leave home to go to church.

I started working on the quilt with the deadline of the baby shower. The fabric pre-shrunk, I cut and stacked the quilt. Then I began quilting. Red thread on the yellow fabric. Football pinwheels, while watching Sound of Music, and talking with Hannah, and praying. Praying for others, and for this baby God had so miraculously saved.

This is his quilt.
Red for the blood of Christ, what saves us all and gives us grace, the same grace that allowed him life.
Yellow for light, and glory – how He’s glorified in the intricacy of birth, and how He was glorified in saving this infant.
Joined and held together by thread, like the church that prayed for baby is joined and held together by Christ and every joint with which it is equipped.


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