Music of Late

After Anna’s music post I decided to do one of my own!

For Christmas, daddy got me a CD of a band called “Iona.” We’d read their review in World magazine, and I thought they sounded good, but World made them sound really rock-y, something I don’t care for. So I passed it by and forgot about them until I opened my present. These are my two favorite songs by them – Ruach, which is instrumental, and The Ancient Wells. For the most part, they don’t have a whole lot going on when there are vocals, but have very beautiful and melodic interludes with the guitars and drums. On the CD “Another Realm,” their lyrics are all Christian, though some are more solid and profound than others, while others are a bit more ‘creative’ (not in a bad way, just not firm solid stuff like we’d sing at church, but fine in its place). And they have uillean pipes, and some pretty amazing percussion parts that make me want to dance.

Mommy and daddy also got me a Bach oboe CD – all the oboe parts done by Heinz Holliger, who in my opinion is the best oboist ever. There are so many gorgeous pieces on it, but this one is my favorite – Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen – meaning something about sighing and crying, so I knew it was going to be beautiful and sad, my favorite kind of oboe music. This recording isn’t Heinz Holliger and they play it a bit fast, but it was the best one I could find on YouTube. Here’s another favorite from the same cantata.

This is one that’s a favorite of a lot of people I know at church. Joel printed off the lead sheet for me one night and we sang and played it for a long time. The piano part is so much fun, and singing about God and the things He’s made is one of my favorite things to do.

He is Jesus” is another favorite from church lately.

As Anna and others can tell you, my favorite artist of all time is probably Michael Card. His songs are so musically beautiful, and the lyrics are profound and deep. These are some of my favorites (that I could find on YouTube).
“I Will Not Walk Away” is from my favorite CD of his, a CD of laments called “The Hidden Face of God.” My favorite song on that CD, though, is called “To a Broken God.”
This one, Ride on to Die, is my favorite from his series “The Life.”
Another favorite CD is “The Ancient Faith,” which goes through the Old Testament musically. This is the overture to that.
And his whole CD “the Promise” is really good, too.
And I hope ‘favorite’ doesn’t need to be exclusive because there are so many ‘favorites’ I have.

A musical my family loves is Godspell. They’ve recently re-done Godspell, and this is my favorite song in the old and new. The old one is a bit more light and fun, but has depth to it. I think the new one gets to the heart a bit more and fits the overall picture better (and Hunter Parrish has an amazing voice) – but I love them both!

Not on YouTube, but grooveshark, this is a Vivaldi concerto that I played recently. Me and a violinist friend played the first movement as the recessional at a wedding we played at.

I’ve been memorizing Psalm 96. The first part of it was really easy because I already knew it from Csehy. We sang this song, Cantate Domino, there. It was hard because of all the time signatures (6/8, 7/8, 3/4, 2/4, 1/4, and 4/4) but Mr. Rawleigh got us ‘dancing’ and after that I loved it and still sing it a lot.

… so that’s a little bit of music I’ve been listening to lately. Sorry I can’t embed YouTube videos; it never works when I try to do it.


3 thoughts on “Music of Late

  1. Lostariel says:

    “Ruach” is gorgeous, and “Ancient Wells” did make me want to dance. (Do you know what the word Ruach means?) I listened to a few Iona songs before, but not those two.
    Very nice oboe music! (Ahh, Bach!)
    Of course, I’ve always loved the Gettys. That song is from my favorite of their CDs.
    “He Is Jesus” was nice. 🙂
    Michael Card! ❤ But the overture was removed. 😦 Other than that, the links are fine.
    I've… never heard of Godspell. But I LOVE Hunter Parrish's song. Wooow.
    And you can't go wrong with Vivaldi.
    Psalm 96 is a good one. Y'know, as opposed to… all the bad ones… I think I'll stop that sentence now.
    I think my favorite song in this post is "Ride on to Die," for obvious reasons.


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