366: 1-21

The first installment for my photo-a-day challenge and 1,000 gifts in 2012 challenge. And then I have a lot of books waiting for me. 🙂

January 1. A self-portrait to start off the year – I’ll take another one at the end to see how I’ve changed. Had a lovely day with a light run and later dinner at the M’s.
1. Nonfamily family.
2. Gingerbread
3. “Since last year.”

January 2. Reading up on confessions and Ecumenical Councils while scanning old photos – which in typical Kyleigh-style, I’d scrapbooked first, making everything take twice as long.
4. First 10k of 2012
5. Spending the morning in reading, learning, and prayer
6. back to ‘normal’ life.

January 3. Ran 10K and listened to a bunch of messages from the Baby Conference then and while editing photos.
7. hints of pink in dark morning skies
8. caprese salad
9. a severe mercy

January 4. Finished knitting the baby blanket I started October 2010. No more knitting for a while; hopefully that will clear up my thumb problems at least some.
10. finished blanket
11. Contrasting colors
12. an afternoon of writing

5 January. Sarah and Esther, great company for a wonderful evening at Dipak and Hannah’s engagement party.
13. Long morning of reading and prayer
14. Sweet fellowship
15. pink-streaked skies

6 January. Chairs after First Friday Prayer and Praise at church. Whatever order there was to them is always destroyed after the meal because of the circles of conversation.
I was brave and used the flash for this photo… I am determined to use it efficiently by the end of the year.
16. Early rising to be with Him
17. Quiet afternoon
18. Long talks after FFPP

7 January. 8K race followed by a smoothie for breakfast, holding a sleeping Tabita for about an hour, and then a wedding.
19. “I don’t care if I live or die, I want to be like Jesus.” – Bobby in “Bruchko”
20. 8K race – 45.35!
21. Holding a sleeping baby.
22. Big dipper at 6 AM

8 January. picked Angela up from the airport, taught piano, played Pandemic (and won, even with 5 epidemics!), ate Reisens, drank tea, and watched Homeschool Dropouts.
23. Angela here
24. Winning Pandemic

January 9. Angela playing the piano. I grabbed my camera and got in some photography practice, playing ’round with the flash. This and yesterdays were both take with flash. We went for a long walk and talked and played with my word magnets.
25. Beautiful morning walk with Ang
26. Morning light and piano
27. Playing oboe again.

January 10. Silly kitty. I turned around to see something wriggling under the covers from the foot of Candace’s bed up to the head. Then the kitty and I played peek-a-boo.
… the picture of the cat was the 13th attempt with the flash. But that’s down from over 20 the day before.
28. Chasing the moon
29. Reading after hard work
30. Finished editing Hope Victorious

11 January. I had to take a break from all music practice for a week because of pain in my thumbs. I’m slowly building things back in, starting with oboe. Today was my third day back to playing – working on some basic technique to solidify pain-free positioning, and Handel’s “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba,” Bach’s “Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen,” Sinfonia, and double tonguing. I missed my oboe so much!
31. Tea and Tolkien
32. Skyping Cait
33. Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen

12 January. at the beach to celebrate Hannah’s birthday. Some snorkeling and sand-castle building, lots of carrying babies and swimming (including swimming while pulling John on a boogie board, and swimming while on the boogie board with John on my back. I was tired and sunburned, but it was fun).
34. Contrails and sunsets
35. snorkeling
36. Cuddles from Joy

13 January. At the N’s for the parenting class after church.
37. Babies, babies, babies.
38. Casting myself on His throne
39. Orion walks across the sky, declaring His glory.

14 January. Wedding shower! 🙂
40. Moon chasing – 10K
41. Raspberry toast
42. Fairy lights with muffin papers =

15 January. Done scrapbooking all the pictures I have printed!
43. Lea finding middle C by herself
44. Sitting with mommy and daddy before bed
45. Scrapbooking all done.

16 January. making meal plans for when mommy and Candace will be gone.
46. A morning of just reading and prayer
47. Overnight guests
48. Family night

17 January – beautiful clouds.
49. clouds proclaiming His glory
50. better posture
51. sunlit rooms

18 January – a surprise party for Mrs. N. This was one of the most beautiful nights of my life. I was so glad to be a part of honoring this amazing, godly woman, and Hannah, Andrew, Luke, Rachel, Nate, and I spent long hours outside discussing music, magic, Romans 6 and 7, predestination… and all sorts of stuff and it was wonderful.
52. Surprise party!
53. honoring a godly woman
54. hours and hours discussing scripture

19 January. Reliving our childhood while playing Zoombinis. We’d talked about how they should make a version for newer computers, and then mommy found one in the summer and it was one of Candace’s Christmas presents. So we had fun outsmarting fleens and impolite tree trunks and rocks and bridges and rescuing Zoombinis.
55. Reliving childhood memories
56. an afternoon of sewing and fellowship
57. no stress

20 January. Clouds during volleyball. Then we went inside and did a bunch of puzzles that were really frustrating, though still fun.
58. a surprise hug from a newly-married friend
59. sleepy afternoon
60. serving

21 January. Saturday morning smoothie after my run.
61. running after rain
62. Water droplets on my face in the last quarter-mile
63. New piano students

And a photo I took on the 16th that I absolutely love:

I looked out the window at this sunset and started quoting Psalm 96 because it seemed to fit so well.

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