Dream of Stars

I stand alone in the darkness. Around me, dunes rise up, black shadows in the night. The cold sand swirls beneath my bare feet, and the wind pulls at my cloak. The sky seems to stretch below the horizon, capturing me beneath a blanket of stars.
It’s just me and the sky this night. A sky of velvety richness, deep and dark, flecked with silver and gold is above me, domed and marvelous.
I catch my breath, knowing it was He who made this. I hardly dare to move as I gaze upwards.

There is Orion, striding across the heavens, Betelgeuse shining from his shoulder. It flickers almost red as he passes, marching slowly from one end to the other. Cassiopeia with her crooked M looks down on me as she leads Orion onwards. Between them, Pleiades, whose chains Job cannot bind, brings forth praise to the One who made it, who turns deep darkness into morning, and then darkens the day into night – the LORD is His name.
Sirius shines bright above the horizon, and Jupiter chases Venus across the sky. Just as I, that dawn, had chased the fading moon that now sheds its light this night.

My soul still hushed by the splendor all around me, I turn. And there, low on the horizon, is the big dipper. A little ways off, Polaris faintly twinkles, as if beckoning me to the north.
Words cannot describe the awe that pulses through my body. It is as Job was told – “Stop, and consider the wondrous works of God!” I want this moment frozen forever, as the contrast is so clear – the gods of the nations are worthless idols, but Yahweh – my God, my Savior, my Beloved – it is He who made these heavens!

It is He who causes the sun to run its course with joy, like a bridegroom leaving his chamber, or a strong man running a race. It is He who causes Venus to chase Jupiter, and will soon bring Saturn with all its moons and rings into our viewing.
The waning moon sheds its light on the still scene, lighting the unbroken sky, glowing like the millions of stars. I drink in my surroundings. All this beauty, praising His name, only a shadow of His glory.
I beg that it might never end.
But then,
I wake.

{based on a dream sometime around January 11, 2012. I want to hold this image in my mind forever – the image of awe and utter smallness in comparison to Him, and the beauty of His creation. I feel like it needs a painting to go with it, but don’t know if it can be captured in a painting. The photos are from a recent camping trip.}


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