{January 22. Sunday nights spending time with Candace}
64. second-day curls
65. Delicate fingers
66. feels like fall

{January 23. Chicken noodle soup}
67. rain clouds
68. tea when it’s cold outside
69. morning run: chilly, windy, seagulls, clouds of pink pulled back to reveal blue

{January 24. My cowboy and I camping}
70. soup and sweater weather
71. beholding His glory in comet, nebulas, constelation, star cluster, and planet
72. beautiful sunsets
73. tea on a cold night

{January 25. On top of the closest highest dune… on top of the world, well worth the long labors of helping 3-year-olds up to the dunes, from peak to peak}
74. up at 5:45 for stargazing
75. sunshine and desert sand
76. exploring so many dunes

{January 26. the moon and Venus}
77. playing piano again
78. perfect weather
79. seeing some dear children

{January 27. Dress-up after volleyball}
80. flight of a seagull
81. worship with the saints
82. Michael Card on sorrow

{January 28. Ran 9 miles, then had wonderful oatmeal and tea for breakfast}
83. 9 miles!
84. hot food and tea on a cold morning
85. feelin’ like whistling

{January 29. Long afternoon of piano lessons}
86. sanctifying convictions
87. a voice after 7 piano lessons
88. 15-minute productive flurries

{January 30. Rachel’s 15th birthday tea}
89. Silly faces at soccer
90. a tea party – scones!
91. Shopping with mommy

{January 31. Listening to the Botkins with mommy and Candace}
92. re-written
93. pumpkin scones and piles of dishes
94. New photos from a special place

{February 1. Pumpkin scones!}
95. popcorn, crochet, and Courageous
96. home all day

{February 2. Playing around after taking pictures of how I hold my oboe}
97. Nostalgia – sounds of a Gileskirk lecture.
98. An afternoon of C’s, Cranford, and Sewing
99. an evening to read

{February 3. Books and music I was reading/listening to}
100. manning the book table
101. a crowd of younger girls around me
102. fellowship after FFPP

{February 4. Celebrating!}
103. a new phase of life
104. JTK
105. joy

{February 5. A wonderful reminder left for me by Angela}
106. music practice
107. quiet morning
108. reading with Candace

{February 6. The view from my reading chair in the morning}
109. long hugs
110. airport runs and a quiet day with Nate
111. seeing an old, good friend.

{February 7. Playing tour-guide for some out of town friends – Dubai Mall and Fountains}
112. dubai fountains
113. playing tour guide – Dubai Mall, Eat&Drink, Choithram, and Co-op
114. Birthday surprise – cheesecake!

{February 8. Took our friends to the Spice Souk, desert, and Burj beach}
115. sunset at Burj beach
116. a friendly spice seller
117. help and laughs from a sweet 5-year-old

{February 9. Hannah organized a game night}
118. movies and hand sewing
119. easy alterations
120. laughter and games and talking in the dark

{February 10. At the parenting class, waiting to eat lunch}
121. oat pancakes
122. Long fellowship at the N’s
123. remembering Yakima fruit

{February 11. Yard work! It felt like summer in Washington – watermelon, iced tea, yard work…}
124. early afternoon – watermelon, popsicles, iced tea, yard work
125. silly piano students
126. long evening discussions

{February 12. Watching “Barchester Chronicles” at last!}
127. running with daddy
128. labors of hard piano lessons paying off
129. Mrs. Y’s ginger chicken recipe

{February 13. Daddy and Nate worked hard changing the sand pit to a patio… almost there}
130. Fuddruckers
131. helpful people while I shopped
132. calling Mrs. M

{February 14. Valentines day from daddy}
133. talking and reading with Nate
134. Valentine from Daddy
135. 6-page poem on the Crucifixion

{February 15. Leftover brownies mom made early for Nate and Daddy for valentine’s}
136. just me and Nate at lunch
137. dancing barefoot
138. wrestling with doctrine

{February 16. Chocolate cake and Socrates somehow go together… taking up Thursday evening}
139. delighted surprise when Constance saw me
140. planning a production
141. reading into the night

{February 17. Sandstorm!}
142. cold ginger chicken
143. dancing with the N girls
144. sandstorm

{February 18. This cutie. <3}
145. extra time to pray in the car
146. beating sand out of cushions
147. talking and talking and learning with and from Mrs. M

{February 19. Spending time with Nate}
148. Relief – easy piano lessons!
149. Plato and Socrates re-visited exactly 5 years later
150. Return of the King


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