Tagged again!

I’m breaking the rules and all I’ll do is answer the questions, and maybe come up with 11 fun facts, we’ll see.
This time I was tagged by James, and I like his questions so I’m going to do it again. 🙂

1. Who is your favorite well-known figure from American history who (a) was never president, (b) was not a founding father and (c) died before the year 1900? Easy. Stonewall Jackson.
2. Who is your favorite theologian/pastor/preacher of all time? Do I have to say just one? Spurgeon, probably. But it’s so hard because there’s also Baxter, Edwards, Piper, Bonar… and I know there’s a huge one I’m forgetting.
3. If you had to write a futuristic science-fiction space-travel novel involving a human colony, where would you put this colony? I’d figure out a way to put it in a comet.
4. Obviously, Tolkien and Lewis must be your first and second favorite authors of fantasy worlds. Who is your third, if you have one? To be honest, I haven’t read much other fantasy that I’ve liked, aside from what ApricotPie writers have written.
5. What is your favorite true story involving an allied soldier in WWII? My great-grampa’s. He was taken as a POW just before the Battle of the Bulge.
6. If you were exiled on an island, and as part of your daily ration you had fresh water, food, and a can/jar/bottle of some sort of drink/sauce/soup of your choice, what would you choose it to be? Yogurt can come in a jar or bottle, and I drink it sometimes. So yogurt.
7. If in this exile, you could only have one book of the Bible, what book would you choose? Either Ezekiel or 2 Corinthians.
8. If you were some sort of creature (squirrel, otter, mouse, etc) from Brian Jaques’ Redwall books, what kind would you be? I always wanted to be a squirrel.
9. What is your favorite Hymn written before the year 1900? Just one? I can’t decide between “Be Still, My Soul,” “O Sacred Head Now Wounded,” “Jesus Priceless Treasure,” “The King of Love my Shepherd Is,” and “Jesus, Lover of My Soul.”
10. What is your favorite Hymn written after the year 1900? I really like “He is Jesus.”
11. Besides Jesus, who is your favorite character in the Bible and why? I don’t know if he’s my favorite of all, but I’d love to be Ezekiel or Moses – beholding His glory.

Some more fun facts…
– I like to wear skirts and cowboy boots
– Soul is my favorite word
– My idea of a good Saturday morning is running 9 miles and then coming in and drinking a smoothie.
– I’ve lived outside of the US for almost 8 years of my life.
– even in the states I don’t know where I’m from – I was born in Florida, we moved from Michigan, but we go back to and my parents are from Washington. And something tells me I’m just a little bit Texan at heart.
– I had reading glasses when I was 8, but didn’t wear them very often… (so) since 13 I’ve worn them almost all the time to avoid headaches.
– I’d do more but I really need to get off the computer.


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