Did you know…

… the beaks of Darwin’s finches changed back to normal when the nuts went out of their diet and they went back to eating seeds?
… the peppered moth photos were staged?
… Haeckel’s drawings were a fraud?
… the universe is expanding and so the stars used to be closer and so distant starlight isn’t a problem?
… Darwin said: “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, then my theory would absolutely break down.”  And we now understand the cell, which is super complex and needs all the parts to function. Faulty premise, faulty conclusion.
… that Einstein based some of his work on the idea that the universe wasn’t expanding… and then he was shown wrong through the Hubble telescope, but didn’t change his science because it didn’t fit his worldview? {I didn’t explain that very well because I can’t remember the details – but it came from this}
… that cosmic humanism is just Plato re-stated?
… that secular humanism is just Epicurean materialism re-stated?
… if evolution is true, our minds are still evolving. So if they’re not at their best state, why are we trusting them?

These questions were sparked as I was reading Nancy Pearcey’s book “Total Truth.” A lot of the content was familiar to me, having studied similar things in Summit Ministry’s course “Understanding the Times,” but it was a very good review. I loved the way the book was put together, with a mix of history, apologetics, and lifestyle. The last chapter was especially good, as Mrs. Pearcey wrote about living biblically, holding to truth, and being consistent with what we say – because otherwise Christianity is just like all the other worldviews, none of which are consistent with experience and reality.
I learned a lot, but I think the most helpful thing – because it’s hard to remember all sorts of little facts – was that all worldviews answer the questions of creation, sin, and redemption. The world had a beginning, and now there’s problems in it, so how’s it going to be fixed?
It was also interesting to see how much of modern thought goes back to Greek thought, since I was just helping with the discussions for Nate reading Socrates for school.
And here’s a challenge and a thought to all of us, wherever we stand in the debate: let’s follow the evidence wherever it leads, not have the evidence follow our presuppositions.

Do I recommend it? Yes.
Would I read it again? Probably. I’d definitely want to have it as a resource. There’s an index in the back, so it should be easy to find things that I wanted to remember – but that’s also why I take notes when reading a book like Total Truth.

In closing, this is a hymn we’ve been singing at church lately and that Mrs. Pearcey quoted in the last chapter.

Jesus, I my cross have taken,
All to leave and follow Thee;
Destitute, despised, forsaken,
Thou, from hence, my all shalt be.
Perish every fond ambition,
All I’ve sought, and hoped, and known;
Yet how rich is my condition,
God and Christ are still my own!

Let the world despise and leave me,
They have left my Savior, too;
Human hearts and looks deceive me;
Thou art not, like man, untrue;
And, while Thou shalt smile upon me,
God of wisdom, love, and might,
Foes may hate, and friends disown me;
Show Thy face, and all is bright.

Man may trouble and distress me,
‘Twill but drive me to Thy breast;
Life with trials hard may press me,
Christ will bring me sweeter rest.
O ’tis not in grief to harm me,
While Thy love is left to me;
O ’twere not in joy to charm me,
Were that joy unmixed with Thee

Haste then on from grace to glory,
Armed by faith and winged by prayer;
God’s eternal day’s before thee,
God’s own hand shall guide thee there.
Soon shall close thy earthly mission,
Swift shall pass thy pilgrim days,
Hope shall change to glad fruition,
Faith to sight, and prayer to praise.


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