366: 51 – 100

February 20. Ok, this is a lie. This is the 21 of February. I FORGOT on the 20th. So here’s 2 from the 21st. 😀
151. driving to the store
152. quick lessons
153. leftovers

February 21. (for real this time)
154. “you love us patiently.”
155. done re-writing; weight off my chest.
156. seeing Mr. Cameron

February 22. Happy birthday to a very wonderful 11 year old. … and spending a wonderful day at the Ns (also known as home 2)
157. Donut the Hobbit singing with me
158. licking sugar air with the N kids
159. blessing a very dear family

February 23. Nate and Rachel had biology dissections.
160. feeling better and clean
161. windchimes
162. movies with Nate

February 24. They’re home! {with flax seed, parmesan cheese, American peanut butter, and chocolate chips!}
163. putting a baby to sleep
164. mommy and Candace
165. “Christmas” – mommy and Candace home from the states

February 25. Sick. This is the stack of pillows so I can breathe at night.
166. all day at home, reading
167. end of Return of the King
168. Playing piano for almost an hour

February 26. Let it sand again.
169. German food
170. family night
171. Pictures of my niece.

February 27. New thumb rest. 🙂
172. dreaming up a band piece
173. oboe with a comfortable thumb rest
174. Socrates all done

February 28. Trying out a new hairstyle – inside out French braid crown-ish.
175. frozen yogurt with daddy
176. spellbound by a wind quintet
177. Bach + oboe = ❤

February 29. Candace sewing on the machine.
178. oboe for an hour
179. sewing buttonholes
180. fuging brass and woodwind

March 1. Mommy’s birthday breakfast.
181. bursting into song, round, and harmony with the Cs.
182. Cranford and dress finished.
183. Joy learning to talk.

March 2. First Friday Prayer and Praise – baby dedications. So thankful for this family, and all their precious children.
184. So much to say we can’t get it all in.
185. cowboy boots
186. encouragement

March 3. Self-control is walking home from the grocery store hungry, and with the aroma of hot, whole wheat French bread coming from your bag.
187. walking home with hot, fresh, Baguettes
188. hospitality
189. wispy curls

March 4. Ok, I’ve had enough of this blowing sand.
190. chords for a melody
191. a long tangent with Candace
192. Wagner Miracle Rhythms

March 5. Went swimming in a pool for the first time in 6 months. Take that, chlorine!
193. swimming
194. light patterns on the pool floor
195. not feeling tired till later

March 6. Mommy’s yummy homemade granola.
196. a pre-lunch nap
197. Venus and Jupiter closing in
198. a trilogy complete

March 7. Skype with the Kadys
199. hearing my niece
200. chocolate covered raisins
201. cuddles with kitty

March 8. Hanging out with the C’s – for sewing, ball prep, cooking, and Cranford.
202. running again
203. Movies that end well
204. John Denver + driving siblings home

March 9. We spent the day after church at home 2.
205. heavenly beauty
206. being Joy’s favorite
207. all day at home 2 – singing with the broom, walking to McDonald’s, playing Lord of the Rings, eating, fellowshiping…

March 10. Hello, breakfast.
208. unstressful day
209. mint chocolate chip ice cream and smoothie = GREEN!
210. almost a nap

March 11. dancing barefoot. Dirty, but happy, feet.
211. fed by the church and the Word
212. Lewis and perfect weather
213. Constance writing a song for “Ciely.” 🙂

March 12. Making Marzipan, part of the kitchen storm of peanut butter, marzipan, and pie crust.
214. Run: 8:03 minute mile, wind chimes, weather like a WA summer
215. busy in the kitchen
216. cousins here!

March 13. All ready for pi day.
217. figuring out Inception
218. cooking up a 2nd storm
219. limes.

March 14. Out to the desert! Atop the highest dune!
220. resting/napping in the desert
221. stargazing
222. C# – 2 different forms

March 15. Down to Deira souks! Spices for sale.
223. abras and spice souks
224. time to talk
225. key lime pie and quiet night work

March 16. Waiting for food at Eat and Drink after a long day of church, N’s, and volleyball.
226. long and wonderful volleyball
227. revolutionizing worldviews
228. eat and drink

March 17. A ball and Birds of Prey show.
229. Birds of prey – He made their beauty
230. Discussing eternal matters while dancing.
231. spring Ball – Celtic music, lovely air, dances, scones and whoopie pie, Joy… can’t say enough.

March 18. Some of my students and other girls playing outside.
232. Settlers and Pooh Bear
233. Lea remembering
234. fasting, prayer, and worship

March 19. We beat Pandemic twice!
235. The sun rose and it looked like the moon.
236. Pandemic x3
237. Almost flying

March 20. Leavin’ on a jet plane…
238. cuddling kitty
239. Writing reminisces
240. the night before we leave

March 21. Basilica de S. Prassede – one of many churches we saw that evening.
241. dogs in clover
242. street performers
243. Italian Pizza

March 22. Waiting to go into the Vatican. I liked these trees and the building so much.
244. country within a city
245. elderly Italian couple in an old car
246. buskers on the metro

March 23. Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine.
247. God is greatest (Ancient Rome is rubble)
248. canoli, gelato, latte
249. children chasing pigeons

March 24. the closest I could get to taking a picture in the Catacombs.
250. piazzas
251. street performers
252. quiet prayers and song in the Catacombs

March 25. Children playing.
253. Gregorian chant
254. spring walks
255. Baptist church

March 26. At the foot of Vesuvius.
256. friendly taxi drivers
257. wandering ruins
258. Vineyards, olive trees, hills, and cherry blossoms

March 27. Strategic car-sickness… my stomach knew there was good food there so we needed to stop.
259. hiking Vesuvius
260. Candace quizzing me on 2 Corinthians 3 and 4
261. daddy driving slowly so we don’t get more carsick

March 28. Orvieto.
262. going home sooner
263. walking Orvieto
264. on the plane!

March 29. Home. A souvenier.
265. clean, refreshed – home.
266. emails to Shelbie and Ashlee
267. anticipating tomorrow.

March 30. Church picnic.
266. sharing Christ
267. a day with the Body
268. church picnics

March 31. Hope’s birthday party.
267. working out with Reflex Ridge
268. Hope’s faces
269. discussing grace. 

April 1. She did it! All by herself! She played a song without help!
270. meditating on grace and Spirit
271. routine
272. 5 productive lessons

April 2. Silly faces when the coin falls off.
273. K being silly
274. a little nap after 2 sleepless nights.
275. busy in the kitchen

April 3. She was distraught about something.
276. blue sky blanketed in storm cloud
277. sticky mess –> bread –> clean kitchen
278. silliness with the N kids

April 4. Nate needs reading glasses, so I went with him and mommy to pick out some frames. We were having fun trying on all sorts of frames we knew wouldn’t look good on us. (and yes, this is a phone picture. I didn’t have my camera).
279. running shoes found!
280. not the only 4-eyes.
281. planning a story.

April 5. Hannah and I quilting up a storm. We cut 252 rectangles that afternoon.
282. a bajillion new quilts
283. finishing “Retribution” – understanding characters better.
284. laughter in the car.

April 6. Sillies after FFPP. As usual, we were among the last to leave. And so the kids moved the chairs that had already been deformed from their neat rows into long lines.
285. a nap with kitty
286. Genesis 32:26
287. FFPP – my favorite day of the month.

April 7. Preparing for Sunday. The marshmallows don’t have the right kind of gelatin and so they didn’t melt, so our Resurrection Rolls didn’t work so well. But the tomb wasn’t sealed anymore when they found it… and the rolls were still empty.
288. long-ish run.
289. a sweet family visiting
290. frozen smoothie

April 8. Sunrise Service at Burj Beach. I always love the Sunrise Service. It makes me think of the persecuted church, gathering in the dark, and the women going early to the tomb, and John 21 and breakfast on the beach. And the open-air preaching makes me think of the Covenanters.
291. Resurrection joy! {beach, a sermon from 1 Peter, fellowship – lots of it! – food, knowing how powerful and awesome He is}
292. only one piano lesson – and a good one, that.
293. wise women all around me.

April 9. Bro’ being silly with his glasses. This is his Grampa Formaldehyde face (it’s a long story).
294. reaping the benefits of long, hard, piano lessons.
295. tea with mommy and daddy
296. reading with Nate and Candace

{and a cool morning at last for a long run without overheating!}

And soon I go to see my niece. I can’t wait!


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