Visit to the Kadys

In the middle of April, I went to go visit Joel and Cait and Jacqueline. Being an aunt feels real now – and there’s yet another person to miss. I had a wonderful time – lots of time holding the baby, baking and cooking, and most of all, talking with Cait a lot again. We haven’t been in the same house for that long for over a year and a half, and I really miss her company all the time.
The highlights were going to church with them (to a gathering very much like GfBC – so refreshing!), all the time with Cait, mornings when Jacqueline was so ‘talkative’ and smiley, and our day trip to Olympia.

I also learned two things (well, so much more, but just two little ones for here now):
Jet lag means I need more sleep and less food.
The cold and I don’t get along – my ears almost froze the first day I went for a run.

{before a bath}

{memorials in Olympia}

{happy family, yummy lunch, beautiful spring day}

{we took pictures on the steps of the Capitol}

{and under cherry trees. I didn’t know I liked Spring so much until I had one in Washington again}

{a flower from a sweet little girl at church}

{on a Sunday afternoon tramp through the woods}

{feathers and greenery I picked up on our walk}

{a rainy morning in the best room in the house: the loft}

{Good morning, baby!}

{Pho! which is wonderful, especially the spicy one, until you get it in your eye}

{one last picture before I went home}

Of all the movies I watched on the plane, only 2 were good enough to talk about. One was Hugo, which was cute and whimsical, though it had child rebellion issues (as do many movies, sadly). The other was War Horse. I’d heard about it a little bit, then looked it up online before I flew and thought it sounded pretty good. Then I was watching it, and Benedict Cumberbatch (Pitt the Younger in Amazing Grace) is in it. And then it finished, and I really liked it, and then I saw the credits and knew why. It’s the genius of Stephen Spielberg and John Williams… yet again (Amistad, Schindler’s List).

And a little link list:
New favorite bread recipe.
And yummy pancakes.
And potatoes.
I love muffins, and this is my favorite recipe, though I think it needs more flour. But as far as healthy goes, it’s amazing.
And this song and poem, in remembrance of Titanic.


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