I haven’t been doing month summaries regularly this year, but May was a wonderful month (despite all running being moved to the treadmill because of the heat. It IS possible to run 10K on a treadmill), full of lots of little lovelies. So here are some pictures, since they didn’t all make it into the photo-a-day challenge. 🙂
May was full of muffins and finishing projects and seeing people one last time before we leave for the summer.

Mommy and I went to Satwa to pick up some chair covers from the tailor and get some other odds and ends. Satwa is a less fancy part of town, and sometimes there’s funny signs, like this one:

I’m not really sure what a phone museum is.

We were walking back to the car when a truck drove by advertising a lemon mint drink. It was so hot out and I was so thirsty… and that sounded amazing. So when we stopped at the store to pick up some groceries, I had to get one. It was perfect for a hot morning. Advertising does sometimes work.

Angela came over and we cooked up a feast.

Green beans with garlic, sesame oil, and soy sauce; pineapple cooked with lime zest, brown rice, blackened salmon, with a berry lime tart for dessert.

As if that weren’t enough food, the next day we had a birthday tea for Candace.

(I think food is one of my favorite things to take pictures of)

(Liberty watching for guests)

The girls’ table.

I can’t get enough of scones, raspberry jam, and whipped cream. And neither could the other older girls… we looked down all of a sudden and realized all of our whipped cream was gone. So we took some from the moms, who had barely had any.

Mother’s Day

Last piano lessons of the school year were sad. I’m glad for the break but will miss teaching and my students (I can’t say ‘my girlies’ anymore because of Josh and Nate!).

I finished my afghan (and 2 baby quilts and a wall hanging/tablecloth). I was working on it a lot to finish it before we left, and at one point my thumbs were about to give out, but thankfully there was never much pain. And now the afghan is done, so that’s that.

Candace was wanting to paint nails and I was having the urge to have bright yellow toenails again, so she painted them for me one night. 🙂

We had another tea party/graduation party for a dear friend of mine.

{Flowering tea!}

{2 lovely ladies and lots of delicious food}

All the girls afterwards.

We went rock climbing and on a ropes course for Nate’s birthday

Candace is fearless. Me, not so much.

And a piano recital. My students did very well, and it went smoothly except that we forgot to put the dog in a place he couldn’t be heard. So when Candace played her violin, he started serenading her.

And then we were off to the states and the Pacific Coast for Memorial day weekend! 🙂 I hope you had a lovely May, too.


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