June Letters

Dear Facebook, I don’t really miss you, but I think I will see you again at the end of August.
Dear Daddy, I love it when you cook. You’re amazing – at cooking and so much else, too. Thank you for all your wisdom and guidance.

Dear June in the Pacific Northwest, You may still be cold, but you’re beautiful, with the misty mountains, dark clouds, morning showers, afternoon sunshine, flowers in bloom, and lots of birds.
Dear self, it’s a good idea to know where you’re planning on ending your run or you’ll run right past it and a ‘light run’ will turn into 8.4 miles because you’re convinced the end is right around the next corner… when it was 2 miles behind you.
Dear Nate, thank you for letting me snitch your flannel when I’m cold. But I wouldn’t mind the yardstick being shorter.
Dear Sweet Necessities, you’re so delicious you’re dangerous, with your wall of tea, rows of salted caramels, list of homemade ice cream, and shelves with sauces, licorices and candies.

Dear God, sometimes this month I really wondered what you were doing. And then you surprised us incredibly. Thank you for being so near when the days seem so long, and for the huge blessing we didn’t expect.
Dear Rosie, I’m so glad we were able to hike together, even if it was just a short one.

Dear ApricotPie, thank you for the dessert inspiration.

{You were delicious, even if I put too much lemon juice on accident}

Dear June, my favorite days of you were  the 12-15th. Those days were full of walks, hikes, talking, laughing, playing games, grace, family, friends, cooking, eating, singing… I thank God every time I think of it. And Susannah, you tell such outrageous stories and I love building empires with you.

Dear Csehy, soon my last year as a camper will begin. That has a bittersweet feeling to it.
Dear Hannah, you are so silly, and I loved our time together!

Dear Aunt Kay, it was so much fun surprising you for your birthday – and thank you AGAIN for the linens and prayers.

Dear Jacqueline, I love watching you grow up!

Dear Rebel T2i, Since you’re here to stay with your incredibleness – you need a name.

{little girl resting during my cousin’s lacrosse tournament}

{a good family friend came to visit}

{a walk with my camera!}

{climbing rocks in Colorado}


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