Brave + Lorax

Two good reviews of two popular movies, examining their underlying worldviews. Again, I would say I’m not against Christians seeing these movies, only that they must be watched with discernment, taking captive every thought. This is especially important as these are children’s movies and children are especially impressionable and often lacking in discernment. I hope the reviews are helpful to you, and please let me know your thoughts on either of these movies!


The Lorax

{By the way, you may have noticed an increasing trend in my posts to be reviews. This is somewhat intentional. I enjoy writing reviews and think they’re necessary. PluggedIn has great reviews, but often I feel they’re lacking in debunking worldviews. I don’t have time to review everything I see and read, and sometimes I don’t want to see it or read it. So, I’m thankful for days like today where I can link to two good reviews by other people!}


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