366. 145 – 188

{May 23. Our luggage, traveling back to the states. Most of our checked baggage was Joel and Cait’s stuff}
427. long prayers, undistracted
428. UP
429. Colorful flowers

{May 24. Daddy meets Jacqueline!}
430. Jacqueline cuddles
431. Sweet grass and country aroma
432. Cows just stare.

{May 25. Exploring at the beach!}
433. chasing cottonwood
434. bridges
435. Little park en route to Seabrook.

{May 26. Building sand castles}
436. Exploring for a crossing
437. news
438. castles in the sand

{May 27.}
439. “from Japan”
440. Silly baby
441. Cozy bed

{May 28. Coming home from Seabrook}
442. clouds rolling in
443. worship
444. long emails

{May 29. The view from our room}
445. working and talking in a field with mommy
446. lazuli buntings
447. settling storms

{May 30.}
448. baby sleeping with gramma
449. Kakooi
450. Lying in sunshine

{May 31. Momcat}
451. Joy
452. “ladies always go first.” – random worker at Target
453. sweet potatoes

{June 1. This is the dog’s favorite pasttime: scattering the contents of the woodpile. She gets upset if you put them away}
454. friendly drivers
455. phone rings
456. kitties at my feet

{June 2. Luke’s lacrosse tournament}
457. buttercup, cloud, and mountain
458. one answer
459. smart music store man, saving me $60!

{June 3. playing ball after church}
460. “does she speak English?”
461. vocal baby
462. hope

{June 4. Sweet Necessities!}
463. Yakima peach ice cream
464. 8.2 mile surprise
465. helping daddy cook

{June 5. I left the house for a “short” run and was back an hour and a half later. I’d gone 8.4 miles because I thought where I was going was still ahead of me and I’d misread the map}
466. characters taking shape
467. Daddy reading “Clown of God”
468. A streak of explorer – what’s over the next hill?

{June 6. I took my camera for a walk/run!}
469. blue sky and bird twitters
470. meditations on sovereignty
471. release to sleep

{June 7. Billowing clouds in Colorado Springs}
472. engaged reading
473. fire clouds over shadow mountains – then His power and glory in storm
474. put to work

{June 8. The Narnia room at Focus on the Family}
475. unexpected surprise
476. stars at night
477. sunset in the garden – shadow, twilight, glow, cloud. Giving thanks.

{June 9. Sorting through old linens – family heirlooms! – with Aunt Kay
478. Aunt Kay – quiet spunk
479. heritage
480. 2 days

{June 10. Bringin’ the kids home!}
481. special treats: turtles, scones, Yorkies
482. same coast, same time zone
483. ‘mothering’

{June 11. New camera!}
484. falling asleep thinking “tomorrow” (it made the late flight almost worth it)
485. really talking with Cait
486. Giant iced tea.

{June 12. With friends in Oregon}
487. building empires with Susannah
488. walking
489. running in the rain

{June 13. Enjoying a rainless morning with a hike!}
490. car full of singing
491. They’re here.
492. waterfalls

{June 14. Baby fell asleep on Aunt Krissy}
493. baby laughter
494. oboe like new
495. cooking and cleaning together

{June 15. I love her.}
496. one more walk
497. Christ the focus
498. out with Joel and Cait

{June 16. Hoboe is back from being fixed up and is nice and new and shiny and plays very well. This is also my new “case” – a music book holder that holds reeds, metronome, thumb rest, cleaners, pencils, oboe, and music!}
499. dinner with mommy
500. catching up
501. bed early

{June 17. Mommy cross-stitching}
502. not wanting to be done in the Word
503. long sleep
504. new friends

{June 18. We went to a band concert and this elderly lady was so much fun to watch!}
505. Fiddler Medley – remembering singing in the car
506. cuddly kitty
506. knowing better

{June 19. Nate “dunking” on a lower hoop}
507. protective and sweet brother
508. Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul
509. 1 week

{June 20. I have difficulty eating breakfast sometimes, especially when I have to decide what to eat instead of just choosing by habit. I made some muffins and we had fresh fruit and good yogurt, so this was an easy morning!}
510. teaming up with Sophie
511. quick sewing project
512. Daddy’s wisdom

{June 21. Grampa wanted to take us out to lunch. :)}
513. Kitty ‘come running
514. Grampa’s memories
515. Being okay with not knowing the schedule

{June 22. Hannah and I had a sleepover. Making a frozen yogurt smoothie for Mason}
516. croissant panini
517. DIY U-top-it
518. Down the big hill!

{June 23. Sophie can make this little lady laugh so hard!}
Walk- refocus on Him
520. birds soaring
521. evening sunshine

{June 24. Another attempt at an easy breakfast: playing around with oatmeal. This was “wassail oatmeal,” with cloves, cinnamon, orange juice, craisins, and chopped apples}
522. 3.24.44
523. little solid church
524. colors in a skirt

{June 25. Sending off surprises for campers! Two of which had to sing “If I Were a Rich Man” with motions}
525. interviewing grampa
526. packages for Csehy
527. mud

{June 26. Gearing up for Csehy – finishing a piano piece!}
528. Psalm 3:3-5
529. O Sacred Head, woven in.
530. Fire clouds over the foothills

{June 27.}
531. picnic
532. sunshine
533. wind and mountain and bull frog

{June 28. Strawberry pie! Washington strawberries are THE BEST}
534. courage and honesty
535. dragonfly on my foot
536. hearing Anna

{June 29. En route to eat out with gramma and grampa. We were driving, so the field is blurry, but the background isn’t}
537. sure of something
538. my Shield
539. walk with mommy

{June 30.}
540. Thumbs up x2 on my run
541. Jacqueline and grampa
542. yummy smoothie

{July 1. After the service at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church}
543. a good Frisbee team in every way
544. restful morning at a solid church
545. chicken diablo again (and I think it’s grampa’s new favorite food)

{July 2. Aunt Krissy had free tickets for a Mariners game… so of course we went!}
546. 2 home runs in a row – GO MARINERS!
547. busker in the cold, night rain.
548. peace

{July 3. Nate has a “job” working for my uncle prepping things he sells. Candace and I have also been helping}
549. quiet
550. taking the big hill – running the whole way
551. smoothie concoction

{July 4. It flew over while we were eating Hamburgers. It was a little scary, but made for great pictures and a memory – and our own “private” airshow. But the best part was seeing the stars after a month of not seeing any}
552. Mt. Peak with gramma – MUD!
553. long hug with Chloe
554. an email at last

{July 5. This kitty is so funny}
555. 7:32 mile!
556. birds gliding, and bird calls
557. chowder!

{July 6.}
558. one last workout: stretches, hula hooping, 4.3 miles running
559. oboe outside
560. afternoon at the lake


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