Lessons from a Quilt Square: Remembering


When we were in Lebanon in 2010, we spent a day exploring the hippodrome and Roman road in Tyre. Amidst the crumbling graves by the roadside, we stumbled across this beautiful floor.

My first thought was that it looked like a quilt, and so I took a picture and saved it to turn into a quilt someday. I got to work on it a few months ago, calculating size and how many pieces and how it would all fit together. I decided to leave off the circle in the middle, because I didn’t have enough fabric and I didn’t want to figure out how to cut it.

So I made the quilt, which was then a wallhanging, which is now a table cloth or something since my measurements were off on the equilateral triangles and it doesn’t lie flat. If someone wants to do the math for that part and come up with a better pattern, I’d love it. 😉

{Hannah and I have been experimenting later, and we decided we wanted to see how it would look if I quilted with brown thread}
I thought a lot about Tyre while I made this, and prayed a lot for our friends who are there. It’s definitely one of my favorite places. That’s the first remembering.

The second was while I was making a quilt for baby #4 of a family that moved a year ago. Before they left, I’d go over every so often and spend the day helping with homeschooling, playing with the kids, and talking with the mom.

I learned so much during that time (and have been missing it a lot lately, both with time of year and because she’s posting a series on that sort of thing over on Domestic Kingdom).

A third remembering is patterns. Hannah and I write down patterns every time we make a quilt… but always lose them or forget by the time we’re making another, so we have to recalculate everything. This time I wrote it down in a place I can find it again, and save us time and math.

It’s also helpful to figure out exactly how the pattern works before you start making it. These were both going to be rail fence but I messed up so the blue one is pinwheel – and in the end we can’t decide which one we like better.

As I was working on this post, I was also remembering how scripture is full of reminders to remember – so we don’t forget what the Lord has done. Looking back on His past faithfulness often brings strength for the future, as does looking ahead to promises yet fulfilled.

{written and scheduled in May, to be posted after families received their quilts. I’m currently enjoying 3 weeks at Csehy!}


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