366. 214 – 253

{August 1.
636. courage.
637. piles away
638. sleep came quickly

{August 2. Outside my window. Happy summer}
639. tea with daddy
640. unpacked
641. memories

{August 3.}
642. catching up
643. hospitality
644. FFPP

{August 4. My dresser}
645. solid, helpful thoughts
646. sleeping in
647. hope and trust

{August 5. Here goes! Getting a start on publishing}
648. 3 miles outside
649. morning nap
650. emails at outlandish hours

{August 6. An idea for a hymn arrangement, maybe never to be written}
651. composing
652. 240 squares
653. growing brighter

{August 7. The pigeons outside our window}
654. Jesus, I am Resting, Resting/May Jesus Christ Be Praised
655. working out
656. up late watching Olympics

{August 8. Scrapbooking and remembering Dr. Hsu}
657. new baby
658. daddy playing guitar
659. J sits!

{August 9. Up late watching the Women’s 10 M platform diving final}
660. 2nd place!
661. Beauty – diving.
662. workout with Candace

{August 10. The dogs – ours and a friends’ playing}
663. laughter at table, on G+
664. 4.25 hours…
665. many ethnicities at our table

{August 11. Andrew came over and they built a computer}
666. berries & cream
667. underwater
668. toasted bagels

{August 12. In Scotland.}
669. daddy on the PA
670. plane: prayer, Washer, Spurgeon, band composing.
671. accents

{August 13. Edinburgh from Calton Hill}
672. train: hayrolls, stone walls, hills.
673. Covenanters’ challenge
674. “The Captain wants to see you.”

{August 14. Andrew came to stay with us when his parents were gone}
675. flips
676. another brother
677. big piano

{August 15. Nate wanted a door sign}
678. Jacqueline
679. gentleness
680. Scum

{August 16. Maps of Edaled}
681. served and serving
682. low whistle
683. exercise

{August 17. I love these books!]
685. good, familiar books
686. movement
687. home

{August 18. Avocado smoothie}
688. poems and laments
689. 3 hours
690. debunking prosperity theology

{August 19. Writing a lament}
691. running
692. little boy eating mango
693. Eid visits

{August 20. Nate with his childhood toy}
694. kitty cuddles
695. Dutch Blitz
696. 45 minute summaries

{August 21. Frozen tart}
697. morning swim
698. low whistle – airy and deep
699. berry tart

{August 22. Kitty keeping the pigeons away}
700. Eid lights
701. B jumping and jabbering
702. Iranian food

{August 23. We went to Eat and Drink for juice}
703. Eat and Drink
704. running
705. super baby

{August 24. Food for a G+ call}
706. friends back
707. 3 guesses…
708. laughter

{August 25. Strengthening my thumbs!}
709. lying in bed
710. PIECE!
711. full circle skirt

{August 26. CAT. ’nuff said}
712. run – outside
713. clicked “send”
714. blue sky

{August 27. I did take a photo but can’t find it}
715. A good fit
716. leisure reading
717. morning sun

{August 28. Skyping Cait}
718. apples and peanut butter
719. dark twisting, floating tunnel
720. lazy river – float, breeze, water.

{August 29. Nate’s jellyfish sting}
721. closure on my thumbs
722. big piano – Swan Song!
723. puzzling

{August 30. Celebrating my birthday. Mint Chip Cheesecake!}
724. Fontgomeal
725. encouraged
726. cheesecake from mommy

{August 31.}
727. hours with the C’s
728. awake in bed before the alarm
729. lessons organized

{September 1. This is a naughty sock. Twice now it’s gone missing after being washed}
730. smoothie
731. tangents on TULIP
732. long run

{September 2. practicing and memories – National Anthem in minor!}
733. Lea
734. routine
735. time with Candace

{September 3. Back to teaching!}
736. preaching truth
737. a name
738. bedtime stories

{September 4. oh, humidity}
739. hope
740. letter to God
741. 1 hour on puzzle

{September 5. Just a few more pieces! We finished it that evening}
742. new poems
743. quiet
744. accomplished

{September 6.}
745. all at the gym
746. evening of reading
747. handwash dishes

{September 7. Meeting the new interns}
748. redheaded babies
749. hug from Ang
750. read-alouds

{September 8. mmm, lunch}
751. four miles at 90′
752. deep blue scarf
753. talkin’

{September 9. I love my desk, and my newly-made wrist rest!}
754. frozen cookies
755. choose to forgive
756. lazy kitties

{September 10. Clouds! Happy September! :D}
757. smiles of enjoyment on a student’s face
758. 1/4
759. mint and chocolate

And some other pictures:

{Hannah and I have both wanted to do the waterfall braid but neither of us could do it on ourselves then – so she did it on me, and it was beautiful}

{Sunset from our back yard}

{The week’s reading/work – composing, poetry, a study on 1 Timothy 2, and “Your Child’s Profession of Faith.”}

{A public message to all reeds. Don’t stick in my oboe unless you want this brutal death}

{It’s done!}

{And so is my band piece!}


8 thoughts on “366. 214 – 253

  1. Sarah Andrews says:

    I like all these pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚
    The one of the puzzle is real neat! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love that picture [on the puzze], I believe we used to have like two copies of them ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. homeschooledlady says:

    Just wanted to say that I have been reading your blog since the beginning of this year…I love your posts–they’re all really interesting and encouraging, Kyleigh! I love the puzzle and all the pictures. Out of curiosity, who is the girl and who is the boy? God Bless! ~Lucy Anne


  3. homeschooledlady says:

    No, no, I mean, the lady and the gentleman in the puzzle picture. ๐Ÿ˜€

    p.s. I saw the link you had to Joyfully at Home by Jasmine Bauchman. Did you read the book? I just finished it. Although some parts I skipped over since there is no point to reading it because I’m so young, I read the parts that I can apply in my life. And yes, I loved the book! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh and I almost forgot, if you were wondering if this is Lucy Anne from AP but thought it too awkward to ask, it is. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ~Lucy Anne


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