366. 254 – 305

{September 11. Windchimes}
760. frozen smoothies
761. city lights at night
762. music together

{September 12. Chicken diablo and quinoa for dinner}
763. chicken diablo
764. family time
765. memories

{September 13. Quilting with Hannah}
766. calmed, quieted, humble – Psalm 131
767. September – blue sky, breezes, warm, balmy air
768. biking with Candace

{September 14. One of the babies at church}
769. sweet air
770. stovetop popcorn
771. right choice confirmed

{September 15. Joy just up from a nap}
772. joy cuddles
773. being outside
774. yawning. 🙂

{September 16. One of my students sent a muffin, fresh out of the oven, home with me}
775. extra time
776. muffin
777. Lea understanding

{September 17. Arabic!}
778. 3/4
779. frozen banana bread
780. emails

{september 18.}
781. a comment
782. silly W’s
783. driving by myself

{September 19. Out my window}
784. something thrilling about a finished score!
785. frozen yogurt
786. baby claps

{September 20. I renewed my driver’s license, and my shoes decided to hate me again}
787. friendly people
788. cold water after 10K
789. planning with Hannah

{September 21. mom and dad were gone so I was in charge… and I always make white board to-do lists for everyone}
790. Mrs. Mee
791. the body of Christ
792. a nap

{September 22. Matthew and Grace on the set of our most recent “movie.”}
793. a text from mom
794. hilarity
795. tracking a journey

{September 23}
796. growing rehearsals
797. cooking
798. singing loud!

{September 24. After his piano lesson, Josh almost whooped me in chess. The only reason he didn’t is because his mom came to pick him up}
799. an email from Mr.Bond
800. tea
801. projects finished

{September 25. A full practice time! Lots of music!}
802. Hornblower with Candace
803. Rooibos chai vanilla + caramel sauce
804. musical in progress

{September 26. We’re homeschooled}
805. listening to rap on the way to orchestra
806. pinning on the floor
807. playing together

{September 27. Bibs for a baby shower}
808. running outside
809. muffins
810. planning more with Hannah

{September 28. Birthdays after volleyball}
811. partners in crime
812. volleyball!
813. read-alouds

{September 29. Faith at the baby shower}
814. little girls in white dresses
815. cool breezes
816. prepared

{September 30. School is definitely in session}
817. “BUTTER!”
818. praying in the car
819. Constance being silly

{October 1. trying a new, absolutely delicious recipe: garlic + lots of cheese + cooked gnocchi + bake for 20 minutes = love}
820. October
821. pictures beneath the door
822. garlic and cheese

{October 2. Working on a project}
823. good kind of sore
824. long adventurous stories
825. musical in my head

{October 3. Freaky oboe thumb. I love it}
826. sorrowful hymns
827. pencil sketches
828. cuddly kitty

{October 4. Making cupcakes!}
829. cool morning – a moon chase
830. zoombinis
831. cupcakes

{October 5. They’re here! Csehy CDs at last!}
832. sweet Matthew
833. four in a row
834. Mrs. M

{October 6. Doodles}
835. 4 wonderful hours + praying at the end
836. wedding music planning {weddings are my favorite thing to play for!}
837. Csehy memories in music

{October 7. On the way out of the bathroom to bed… I hadn’t taken a picture yet}
838. “I need to tell you something!”
839. “our” girls
840. cool outside breeze {can you tell how much I like the cooler weather?}

{October 8. This is called “omelette fail.” It was still tasty, though. Someday I WILL make an omelette}
841. plies
842. tea and carrot cake
843. brother doing my late-night research

{October 9. This is the cat’s way of reminding us that the puzzle has been completed for over a month now, so it’s time to put it away}
844. Redwall nostalgia
845. sweet Sarah
846. curled up on the couch

{October 10. I took a picture but it’s another one not for the Internet since packages have lots of information on them}
847. the stranger on the phone who made my day, saying my package was in
848. book in hand
849. Nate being so silly

850. notes in a book, from a friend
851. building characters
852. silly movies

{apparently I got confused and did 6 blessings!}

{October 11. It’s hard to tell if you don’t see it normally… but this is humidity, not fog, and it was pretty dense}
853. “Bored Shorts” and this one.
854. making sense
855. air conditioning

{October 12. Abi and Ang came over after church. Music, baking, and theological discussions ensued}
856. muffins with Angela
857. skyping cousin Hannah
858. meeting new people

{October 13. Reading at the end of the day – view to my left}
859. precious time
860. deep talks with Hannah
861. playing with babies

{October 14. Playing Mennonite Madness after well group}
862. Alison
863. 27:05 5K!
864. bed

{October 15. I was somewhat sick, so I had a quiet evening of sewing, tea, and a movie}
865. Ellie faces
866. quiet evening
867. 480

{October 16. Clouds! Happy October!}
868. book off my list
869. reading outside
870. sewing

{October 17. Another batch of dessert glasses clean for the wedding on Saturday. And the music team had rehearsal that night, too}
871. all playing together
872. harmonies
873. long emails

{October 18. The Kadys are here for a visit!}
874. watching the baby
875. naps with sunny
876. beautiful weather

{October 19. Playing the piano before breakfast}
877. good volleys
878. All together
879. playing with Hope

{October 20. The wedding reception!}
880. smoothie in a jar
881. soft, comfortable dresses for a beautiful wedding
882. Scottish Caelidh

{October 21. Wearing my new earrings, ordered from a friend – check out her Etsy shop!}
883. stars
884. gift from God
885. “I can’t think!” – Lea

{October 22. More Scottish Caelidh dancing! The men who did the music for the dancing at the wedding were staying at the M’s and they very kindly taught us some more dances!}
886. pushing through hard thoughts
887. more scottish dancing
888. talking with daddy

{October 23. I see this a lot these days. :)}
889. cloud wisps pulled and streaked across the sky
890. 4 miles in cool weather
891. Elijah

{October 24. I love having a big desk}
892. perseverance – edited document
893. baby interruptions
894. up late with mommy and daddy

{October 25. Baby’s first time in the desert!}
895. Gemini
896. talking with Rachel
897. sand + baby

{October 26. Smoothie in a jar}
898. overhand serves
899. Joy and Hope playing house with me
900. at home 2

{October 27. Skyline from a friend’s house}
901. not yawning
902. beauty in hardship
903. tea, tacos, and Dominion

{October 28. Grayson writing scripture in the sand}
904. playing with Rachel
905. baby jabber
906. beach sun and sand and fellowship with Grayson

{October 29. It was a gray and blustery day that made me miss fall a lot}
907. day at home
908. Voted!
909. Queen of Sheba

{October 30. so cute}
910. 5 miles outside!
911. hot muffins
912. children playing

I know this band because I know the cellist and the violinist – and I love their music. This one has been in my head a lot this month: Autumn Snow.

Other shots from October:

{the taste of fall: rooibos vanilla chai with caramel sauce}

{Our marks in the sand: “Be still and know that I am God” and “Fear not anything that is frightening.” The writing will wash away; the truth will not}

{finished cupcakes}


{Two Jacquelines: Faith Jacqueline and Jacqueline Talora}

{there’s only 60 more days left in this year. That thought brings mixed feelings}


4 thoughts on “366. 254 – 305

  1. Megan says:

    These posts are always so lovely, Kyleigh! Mennonite Manners is sooooooo fun. And awww, that puzzle is ruined. I love big desks too. Someday my desk will be as full as yours – all those colorful papers on the wall is beautiful. Someday………


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