Thanksgiving Week

{and some baby sillies}

piping hot rolls
turkey sizzling

10K – racing Constance, stillness at the end
delicious smells

4 pies, 65 rolls
a sister who caught that I took out the rolls, then turned the oven off – with the turkey still inside.

chance of rain
under 80 degrees

2 ½ hour rehearsal when everybody else is eating Thanksgiving dinner = not fun. Especially the slow cello concerto. But coming home to watch the end of Empires and eat pie and sweet potatoes was pretty nice.
2 Thanksgivings

playing with Hope
sounds of talking and eating

our cousins may not be here… but these friends are more than that.
strength and endurance

Joy eating… and eating… and eating.
tuned piano

church picnics
tickles from Faith

playing with Hope
feeling grown up {driving myself to my Orchestra concert, running my own errands}

National Day in Satwa.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Week

    • Kyleian says:

      Yes – those are the seven rulers. That image shows up a lot around National Day. I think it’s really neat. I have a pin with it on it that I’m going to wear today.

      It makes me wonder how we used to do the 4th when it was only 41 years of America. I think since the UAE is so new it’s a big event.


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