We lament because we see there’s something wrong. Sometimes it’s between us and God. Other times it’s between people, or because the world is groaning. We’re missing something we think we need.
God isn’t absent in that. He’s not gone when we wonder where His loving kindness is. He just doesn’t always answer us the way we think He will.
Every day, we hunger for food, satisfaction, ease. But what we need isn’t more stuff & time, less war, or better presidents. What we need is God.
We don’t always realize it, but it’s true.
We need Immanuel.
We need God to be near us.
Christ’s birth shows us two things.
It shows us that we couldn’t be near. We can’t go to Him.
He must come to us to save us before we can be near.

And so He came to earth, and joined our problem. He wept and lamented, like us. He suffered pain, like us. But He didn’t join it to leave it alone. He healed. He pronounced joy for those who are mourning. If you are mourning today – for Sandy Hook, for Syria, for your loved ones, for your enemies – you are blessed.

But He didn’t just fix our physical needs, needs that would come back again and again. He came to fix the root of the problem.

He was Immanuel for a short time
So that Immanuel, God with us, can be forever
And so that we will be with God forever.
Don’t reject His hesed, His loving kindness.
Or Immanuel will be to you a judge, not a Savior.
He came to free.
Don’t love your chains.
Worship the One who can set you free.
Who fills our every need
Who is all we need
Who is worth every pain
Who makes it not about us but about His glory
Which is far, far greater.

He has met our need.
Because Christ was condemned and separated.
Because He left His Father and humbled Himself.
Then, not just at Christmas, but always:

We don’t need more stuff, less pain, easier lives, more time – we need


2 thoughts on “Immanuel

  1. homeschooledlady says:

    Yes! We need Immanuel. Not just in the hard times, but all the same, and yes, maybe even more in the seemingly “easy” times. With Sandy Hook and all these shootings this year…these tragedies gives us a chance to become closer to God. And it’s our choice whether we accept this opportunity. So, thank you for the reminder.

    And also, Merry Christmas, Kyleigh!

    Blessings, Megan


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