366: 306 – 366

I took photos every day but I can’t find some of them, or mislabeled them. But I think in total, I only missed 2 or 3 days the whole year!

{October 31. Sweet Hope}
913. German feasts
914. costuming fun
915. sleeping in

{November 1. Eating yogurt!}
916. bike ride
917. Aunt in Charge
918. Of Gods and Men

{November 2. Such a joyous day! Baptisms at church}
919. overflowing joy
920. planning with Sarah
921. a few hours to Saturday morning.

{November 3. Finally, a semi-successful omelet!}
922. internet connection
923. intense volleys and Empires
924. best food

{November 4. walking Istanbul at night}
925. walking Istanbul
926. cheese topped potato
927. busker at the metro

{November 5. Topkapa palace, Istanbul}
928. colorful lamps
929. crunching leaves – fall!
930. baklava dripping with honey

{November 6. Ferry ride to the Asian side of Turkey}
931. smiles across the train
932. honey and jam
933. wind on the Bosphorous

{November 7. Missing picture. I KNOW I took one, though}
934. giant muffin – Cafe Nero with the Kadys
935. exhilarating – Prokoviev #1, movement 4
936. baby kisses

{November 8. Planning for the ball!}
937. painted clouds
938. making music with R
939. fairy-lit plans

{November 9. Looking at photos from Turkey}
940. avacado ice cream
941. home videos
942. harmonies with Cait

{November 10. Playing with Grampa at Uncle Nate’s basketball game}
943. 118 🙂
944. familiar Orion
945. Fontgoneano comfort

{November 11. So. much. music.}
946. 27:27 – 5K
947. Constance loves piano
948. WG girlies

{November 12. The filter cracked}
949. working with daddy
950. squares –> rectangles
951. Aunt “duties”

{November 13. Watching a movie}
952. silly baby
953. Happiest Millionare
954. soup

{November 14. Taking a ride in the laundry basket}
955. picking up R
956. mint + chocolate
957. loud tenors

{November 15. hot air balloons}
958. sky of blue
959. clown
960. 10K – stars, Arab voices, and then a juice popsicle.

{November 16. Animals to a good, new home}
961. so soon for Skype
962. laughter on the court
963. dreams

{November 17. Set-up for Skype]
964. navigating alleys
965. so silly baby kisses
966. tour on Skype

{November 18. Farewell to the Kadys}
967. being cold
968. Constance’s antics
969. planning good things

{November 19. Under 80 in the morning!}
970. breezes
971. hot biscuit + honey + butter
972. Kalea’s stories

{November 20. Thanksgiving preparations}
973. apple + cinnamon sugar
974. long sleeves
975. sounding good

{November 21. Sweet Potato Casserole}
976. chance of rain
977. delicious smells
978. empires

{November 22. Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving no. 2}
979. Sheba with Rachel
980. new movies/dancing/Thursdays again
981. sweet Matthew

{November 23. Church picnic!}
982. tag with littles
983. feeling grown-up
984. Rossini L’Italiana overture

{November 24}
985. surprise from Mr. D
986. friendly tuner
987. sweet Caroline

{November 25. Secret Snowmen at Well Group}
989. running weather
990. easy listening
991. truth to Kelsea

{November 26. A picture of my new schedule set-up – taped onto my laptop!}
992. Rain tomorrow?
993. apple pie
994. hugs from Hope

{November 27. Down in Satwa, getting tasty bread after visiting tailors}
995. Wretched! + sewing
996. Soup
997. kitty at night

{November 28. Crafting}
998. beautiful harmonies
999. a bass line
1000. lament

{November 29. Romeow and Julicat at it again!}
1001. handless 2-step
1002. late-night email
1003. one last practice

{November 30. Rain + National Day decor}
1004. thunder and rain
1005. adventures in the storm
1006. tea and sweaters

{December 1. Wedding!}
1007. God’s perfect timing
1008. exhausted but happy
1009. dancing with daddy

{December 2. 5K – and in the heat of the day, too!}
1010. text from HHSM
1011. well-rested
1012. UAE 41 Years!!!

{December 3. Winter sunsets here are gorgeous}
1013. early bird gets the worm of a beautiful sunrise
1014. 15/30
1015. Lea again

{December 4. Wrapping presents!}
1016. clouds
1017. working outside
1018. talking with daddy

{December 5}
1019. tabla + Christmas music
1020. sermons in the car
1021. “failed” 19 laps, yet encouragement.

{December 6. Preparing for Well Group and the ball with Hannah}
1022. planning Christmas parties
1023. silly Arab children
1024. dancing with Aaliyah

{December 7. Irish Dance recital}
1025. almost Celtic-festival
1026. cast on the Rock of Ages
1027. Gospel going forth!

{December 8. She came over to help me bake Sugar cookies}
1028. little girls in sunshine, breezes, cloud, and water
1029. 6 needed hours.
1030. my li’l sous-chef.
wrapping presents, outdoor lights.

{December 9. Cupcake from the Night Market}
1031. Secret Snowmen
1032. first try
1033. low whistle

{December 10. Lime + avacado = yum}
1034. memorized songs/smart students
1035. lime and avacado
1036. afternoon bike ride

{December 11. Running errands at the mall}
1037. silly Joy, sweet Matthew, funny Hope
1038. being outside
1039. sleeping quickly

{December 12 Practice for Carols in Dubai from the oboe’s position}
1040. 56:37 + windchimes
1041. Sumeah
1042. choral harmonies

{December 13. Dance practice!}
1043. Hoopoe + sunshine + puddles + perfect weather
1044. rooibos vanilla chai + pumpkin muffin = who needs dessert?
1045. sermon + crocheting + Christmas lights

{December 14. Carols in Dubai!}
1045. Let All Mortal Flesh – Tabla + cello = chills
1046. less than a week
1047. talking with Julia

{December 15. Mug cozies}
1048. talking and planning
1049. perfected recipe
1050. Lay Down Your Weary Tune

{December 16 – well Group Christmas party – secret snowmen revealed!}
1051. songs memorized!
1052. seeing fruit
1053. long awaited movie

{December 17. getting ready for guests}
1054. sympathetic kitty
1055. dishes done for me
1056. quick to sleep

{December 18. This cool kid}
1057. clearance!
1058. “I like dragons. I like to kill them with my gun.”
1059. outside

{December 19. skype!}
1060. Les Mis to start my run
1061. silly go fish
1062. here. smiles. “24 hours of waiting is not that long.”

{December 20}
1063. protection and care
1064. brunch at M’s
1065. lovely chaos at N’s

{December 21}
1066. stars
1067. good recital
1068. silly Hope

{December 22. makin’ breakfast!}
1069. Hope restored
1070. finishing notes
1071. dancing together

{december 23. Coming back from the top of the dune}
1072. first date
1073. morning glories
1074. view from the top

{december 24. Christmas Eve dinner}
1075. “UN” for Christmas eve
1076. dishes together
1077. Silent Night on Skype

{December 25. stars are even more special now}
1078. “magnets”
1079. whispers
1080. the flame shall not hurt Thee.

{December 26}
1081. making a cake
1082. bittersweet
1083. knowing His faithfulness more

{December 27}
1084. ultimate Frisbee
1085. perfect weather
1086. chocolate peppermint

{December 28 – first card addressed to us!}
1087. a card to us
1088. sweet babies
1089. Grayson elaborating our story

{December 29 – reminder to ‘fear not anything that is frightening’}
1090. total honesty
1091. G+ – what would we do without it?
1092. Nealies outside – cold!

{December 30 – Thank you notes}
1093. comfort
1094. music from Up
1095. my roses. 🙂

{December 31 – bonfire at Neals}
1096. first run engaged. 🙂
1097. floating lanterns
1098. fire and Psalms

And, as I said I would – a self-portrait to end the year, just as there was one to begin it.

And the plan for New Years’? Review 2012 in pictures and blessings.
I’m not sure if I’ll do the photo-a-day challenge again, especially not as strictly. But it made 2012 seem like it went by so fast, so I might do it – to remember my last months in Dubai and also to “hasten” the wedding. In the next few months, I hope to write more about our courtship, which most of my New Years’ reflections center around. Courtship grew me so much, more than I ever imagined it would. I hope to share some of that with you, as well as some of my convictions, and the truth of scripture.
Often at the end of the year I feel different but it can be hard to place what I’ve learned. I feel much more grown-up, not just in being older but having matured so much through our courtship. Some of that is in ways I’m still finding out or ways that aren’t tangible. But I know I’ve learned patience, and to trust God, and what it looks like/feels like to rely on God and not on human wisdom, or to turn things totally over to Hiim.
I will definitely still be journaling blessings, but I don’t know how often photo-a-day or blessing posts will show up here. I do like their window into my life, and this next year is going to be quite an adventure, and full of His grace and blessings.

What’s up for 2013?
I’d like to work more on getting published. I have a big project to finish (not writing-related). Getting married. Moving to America. Composing here and there. And people. Lots of time with people.

Pro Christo,


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  1. homeschooledlady says:

    I am wondering if you have any instructions on how to do these posts. I mean, did you make this idea up for yourself or did you find this on the internet? Could you send me a link or your instructions because I may want to do this on my blog. Thank you!


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