The Sable Quean

It’s interesting to re-read books you loved as a child, or ones in the same series. You start to see how your discernment has changed. I recently tried to catch-up on the Redwall books, since I’d been too busy to read the latest 3 when they came out. I still have yet to read Rogue Crew, but read Doomwyte and Sable Quean in late 2012.
I still love the characters, accents, and lifestyle of the books. Especially having grown up reading them, they’re very warm and nostalgic and hold a lot of memories.
I love how the story lines are often predictable yet still have so many unique twists, and I love trying to figure out the riddles. I thought the plot of Sable Quean was especially creative, as the villains tried to conquer Redwall by holding the babes hostage rather than attacking the abbey.
I decided I love the hares best because of how honorable and chivalrous they are. There’s a great moment in Sable Quean when a hare shows how the greatest courage isn’t killing but being willing to die in order to save others. That’s probably my favorite Redwall moment of all time.

But, I did start noticing how the books are often full of revenge as a motive for battle, and how they “pray” to Martin the Warrior – and of course, the vermin are always calling each other outrageous names. They’re not inappropriate names, but they’re not things I’d want my children calling each other.

But oh, the food! I get hungry whenever I read Redwall. And the stories are so rich with the well-developed cultures of different animals.

So, while I do recommend Redwall, there are things to discuss from the books – they’re not perfect.


One thought on “The Sable Quean

  1. Lostariel says:

    I had very similar thoughts when I reread. Especially the revenge bits. But all great books leave food for thought somehow. 🙂 But I’m not sure I could pick a favorite species!
    The other thing I realized while rereading the first books is that Cluny is riding a horse. Somehow.


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