Our Story: The Next Four Months

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Even after all that, we still had one more hump, and it was the only theological disagreement we had, but we weren’t really sure what we both thought, so it was a journey that took a few months as we both read and studied and talked about it and then did the process all over again. Even so, it was a much smaller hump than all the others, since it was a small area of theology.

Ezra began traveling across the country to move. It was a hard 2 weeks, since he had little time to email, but, it was nice because we wrote short emails every day.

In October I began to realize that I really did want to marry him and the slowly growing light was growing stronger. Our calls started getting longer and also deeper. But there were still questions that needed to be answered, and we needed to spend more time together in person, and that was going to be another adventure.

I knew, very early on, that Kyleigh was exactly the kind of girl that I wanted to marry. And we didn’t have to go very far into our courtship, either, for me to find out that she was the girl that I wanted to marry. But in all of this I think that I had an advantage in figuring things out because I had been reading Kyleigh’s blog for a long time, where she had expressed many deep and personal thoughts and convictions; whereas my writings had been much more generic.

He began trying to find out if/when he could get leave. We weren’t sure if he was going to have it until a day or two before he left, but he had booked tickets and we started making plans for his visit. Having been through a much more stressful wait for leave in June, I wasn’t worried over this one. I knew if not now, there would be more time later – it wasn’t like in June when daddy was leaving a few days later. Even so, I really wanted him to come and was holding myself back from getting excited until we heard he was coming

When I got his email saying he’d make it, it was 36 hours until he would arrive. I was so excited, but there were mixed emotions… and then emotions that came out of nowhere. I was excited, but nervous, and worried about the amount of time and if engagement would happen – because I wasn’t wholly sure we were ready yet but I wondered if not now, then when?
I kept singing a line from “The Last Bison”’s song “Tired Hands.”
“24 hours of waiting is not that long!”
And yet it felt forever, although we were making cupcakes and doing chores and babysitting. I wrote emails and practiced oboe and wrapped presents and we had company for dinner.
And then his flight was painfully (an hour) late, and we were waiting, craning heads, heart beating, hoping so much for soon… and then he was there and we were smiling at each other and going to the car and sitting next to each other. So close at last. We showed him around the house and everyone was talking all at once and then everyone went to bed because we were all so tired and it was midnight.

On the 20th we went to the M’s for brunch. I made a wrong turn and we ended up in a near-stressful situation where we didn’t know where we were going or what to do. But we got through it together with the help of my parents on the phone – and with very little stress.

The 21st began with church. He met more people, and we talked more with others. Hope seemed to be mad at us and would not come near us whether we asked her, ignored her, etc. We came home and got ready for the piano recital, which went really well. I was so glad for Ezra to see my students; I love them so much. Before going to the M’s for a wedding reception, we started discussing “the problem theology” and got about halfway through my pages of notes on it.
At the M’s we ate and talked to each other and others. He met more people, some of whom engaged him in deep discussion (and then communicated approval to daddy…), looked at the stars with our eyes and then through the telescope, found Hope hated Ezra because she was jealous since I wasn’t spending time with her… and so we made a plan to reconcile.
The following day, Hope apologised to us in tears, and in a short time later, had drawn me into a tickle fight.

On the 22nd we went to the N’s for brunch – a good balance of talking with Mr. and Mrs. and playing tickle fight with the kids. Then we got ready to go to the ball and were talking some about the future, with pastoring and eldership and life.
We drove to the ball and helped put lights up and fix the sound system, then were talking and walking around. The ball started and we enjoyed dancing with each other and see everyone having so much fun and so many people dancing so well and enjoying themselves. Ezra was off during one of the breaks looking at mommy’s phone and I was wondering if he might propose, but tried not to think about it, even though I’d seen him put a piece of paper in his pocket, and talked to some friends.
I had been planning to propose at the ball, to failed to obtain Mr. Fox’s permission in time, since I hadn’t realized that he would be flying that day. Candace, however, notice a ring box shaped object in my pocket and said, “I know what that is!” which was a frightening experience for me.
But nothing happened, so I stopped thinking about it and assumed it would happen on Christmas or Christmas Eve if it was going to happen.

After the ball we came home and walked to Eat and Drink, where we got delicious food – shawarma, drinks, falafel, meat. We came back and finished our theological discussion and read some children’s books I’d pulled out to look at. Then we turned in relatively early since we were going out to the desert the next day…


3 thoughts on “Our Story: The Next Four Months

  1. homeschooledlady says:

    Candace, however, notice a ring box shaped object in my pocket and said, “I know what that is!” which was a frightening experience for me.
    That made me laugh. 🙂 Thank you for continuing this!


  2. Lostariel says:

    When you first mentioned that Hope seemed to be made at you, I thought you were personifying the idea, and I was trying to figure out why you were feeling hopeless. Whoops.

    The story about the papers is too funny!


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