{he knows it’s Friday when he sees us dressed up and eating breakfast, and knows he gets a treat}
calms after flurries
10K with energy left
Bach fugues
fog at dusk
“See ya, dude.”
rocking chair – swing for a grandma
“I see the dots, I just forget to say them.”

{Daddy had a trip to Thailand and brought us back orchids}

{I’ve been wanting to take photos at Volleyball for a long while, but never had my camera or was always playing. But I had my camera one week and had played 3 games and my wrists were tired, so I took pictures – and then got to use some incredible lenses a friend had}

rainy days
fears assuaged
Hope: “Why don’t you have a photo of me and Ezra in there?”
rambunctious hugs
oh, theorems

{We play every week at the C’s house, people from church, kids and adults, Western and Arab… anyone who wants to come}

pink sunrise fog
mint chip
being shepherded
Jacqueline stories
“google handholding”
conquering fear
sweet Lea

{55-200 lens with 2.8 aperture? Yes please! But it was so heavy!}

peppermint bark
surprise FB messages
breakthrough on a “D”
little notes
good news via email
Sena twirls and dances

{Dessert Extravaganza at the C’s before Volleyball}

 dilemmas mostly solved
waiting for mail
positive answer to query
short, meaningful email
talking with Nate
red post boxes
blue sky

“Fredricko” replacing Mr. Barnaby
flying on oboe
long lenses
TCK fun after volleyball
cookie dough

talking after a long week
perfect weather
5K in new shoes
ginger cranberry apple crisp
cuddles from Hannah W.
“you drink tea? I drink coffee.”

{Tea, crochet, and BBC Sense & Sensibility}

red-headed freckled lad
feeling professional – playing at the Fridge
reading backstage with the Fridge cat – cuddly cat, bright light in dark, comfy couch, and background of string music
smiles from Hannah
“hi” from Ludo
funny Lara
reading barefoot outside
cotton-wisp clouds

{Outside with neighbors. Playing, reading, doing homework. She told me we were making funny faces, and then she didn’t make one}


One thought on “February

  1. homeschooledlady says:

    Wonderful way to summarize a month. I’ve never before seen green flowers – beautiful! Keep doing this while you can! 🙂


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