{phone photos, when I have no other camera or when I’m driving and can’t wield an SLR. I love that I always have that camera with me, but I need to figure out a better way to get them from my phone to my computer. It’s expensive to email them like I do now}

{the cat at the Fridge, a music venue my orchestra performed at}

{sunrise on a run to the mailbox}

{mailing a letter to Ezra}

{break time at orchestra – everyone else had pulled out their phones and were taking pictures, so I followed suite}

{with little friends}

{some doodles on the board from Well Group}

{en route to RAK – beautiful dunes}

{ran into Choithrams to see if they had any good sale items and was pleasantly surprised – 8 cans of cranberry sauce, a kilo of sundried tomatoes, ready-to-roll marzipan, 3 packets of soup mix, & pretzel breadsticks for under $15}

{sunset at our desert cookout}


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