{A birthday cake for mommy}

boys playing cricket with a traffic cone
city lights at dusk
camels racing
kiddos napping

{Work Day for Nate’s Eagle Scout Project}

feeling like I don’t need to be paid to teach
Lea’s toothy grins
the streams I’ve been digging becoming oceans
Constance plays willingly… and tells me what my wedding ring should be like

{All set for “Skype” – frozen green smoothie, water, and rooibos vanilla chai from a someone special}

{A sweet engagement card from my grandparents, from the church we’re getting married at}

5 hours at last
pink sunset streaks
quiet morning
road trip by myself
voices, harmonies, guitar & breeze under the stars
light on the water
baby cuddles

{She thinks it belongs to her – but it was for my parents’ 25th anniversary}

{So 120 is just a guideline – 140 is the actual speed limit}

stars that leave me breathless
sweet Elizabeth
exhilarating frisbee
lad helping his grandmother
baby in a hat I made her

{Darling girlies}

{Enjoying lovely weather}

{Pandemic with 5 epidemics and only 1 cube left on the board when the cards ran out}

children playing
being remade
“I’ll miss you forever till you come”
ambush hugs
planning a visit
understanding better
our Battle Shield
“Good job, uh, cuttin’ those carrots.”

{filming a new movie}

{Soda bread for St. Patrick’s Day}

ticklish baby in my lap
first 5 mile run in new shoes
sibling bonding over a spider
morning birdsong
resting in him –> to sleep
having french horns again
wild cues
hands smelling of garlic


{tiny and fascinating shells}
basses trying to be subtly late
Gabriel’s oboe on radio
Dominion with Sarah
5-on-5 volleyball
surprise email
daddy playing guitar
mid-week Skype
purple olive juice

{At the beach in RAK}

{Resurrection roll fail}

good news from Csehy
Sherlock with Nate
orchestra break time = phone photos
3 on a noodle paddling across the pool
Saturday morning: 10K, waffles, swimming
flight booked

{Sunrise service on the beach}

such wonderful Skype
not too hot yet
hymns stuck in your head

{playing with crabs}


7 thoughts on “March

  1. homeschooledlady says:

    Did you make that cake? It’s so simple but elegant. 😉 I love the beach pictures; especially the last one.

    Awhile back I watched most of your videos and they made me laugh. I’ll watch the latest one soon. 🙂


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