Dear Ezra

Dear Ezra,

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since we said goodbye at the Y’s and you went back home and I stayed there for a few more days (it’s even been over a week since I called you and we talked on the phone for the fourth time – being in the same country was so great). It feels like it was just yesterday, but at the same time forever ago, since I saw you last. More than that, I can’t believe it’s been a year since we started courting, and I can’t believe I ever hesitated to enter into our courtship. At the time it felt like a step of faith, but I figured God would make it plain in time if it was the right time and person for marriage. And He did.
I’m writing this at almost 4 AM because I’m jet lagged, but the jet lag is so worth having seen you for the weekend and seeing your life and just spending time with you, whether we were sailing, walking, eating gigantic burritos, or anything else. I love being with you.

God has been so good in bringing us together, and in all He’s done in the past year. I’m so thankful for the way He’s brought us from being almost strangers to being on the path to the marriage covenant. And I’m so thankful for YOU.
Your honesty, openness, and courage have challenged and encouraged me, and made our relationship so much stronger.
Your patience and gentleness help me know I’m safe with you and can tell you anything.
Your knowledge in so many areas, be it theology, fire-fighting, sailing, philosophy, or anything else makes me even more excited to spend the rest of my life with you and continue learning from you.
Your trust in God and His sovereignty and putting all your hope in Him is contagious.
Your diligence at work and in our relationship shows your desire to honor Him in everything that you do.
Your reliance on Him to fight sin and live rightly gives me assurance for the future, knowing that everything you do you seek to do by His lasting power and not our own feeble strength.

I love you.

Pro Christo,

P.S. 262 more days!


4 thoughts on “Dear Ezra

  1. Gracie says:

    Hey Kyleigh! I’m Megan’s friend Grace and I have read Ezra and your story together and I must say I have been completely blown away by your story! This is better than any fairytale I’ve have every heard and to be honest one of the reason I enjoyed reading it so much is because its real and not fiction(which makes it so much better). Thanks for this beautiful reminder about how God can bring to people in unity through many ways. God bless you both!


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