{out for local food}

wonderfully made
“bouquet” of morning glories
Habit – following the conductor’s cues even when not in orchestra

{marzipan was on sale}

mountain revealed
fresh-cut grass
surprise call from Ezra
friendly horse
cuddly cat
frogs croaking
the farm

{sorting, reorganizing, packing. Rubix cube collection}

{cousin time! Panera, thrifting, crafting, cake pops, and lots of other fun stuff!}

the aisle
Perfect sunset – golden glow on green mountains spotted with shadow, tall trees on horizon contrasted with blue sky and cloud
Mr. N at the airport
letter one year later
dates and coffee
vivid memories of courtship
hopeful farewell
sleeping in a room full of books

{Breakfast at the Kettle}

{the mountain peeking out}

{running errands}


{With Ezra!}

{my first time having sushi}

unspoken, unwritten blessings
solid li’l church
so welcome
Bread & Cie
singing in the car together
wearing his coat
kiss from Bethan
another day to live
walking like we’re out of Austen
Maple Bacon chocolate

{driving to see good friends}


silly Kenna
cool at 91’
productive at 3 AM
golden hours
skirted sweeping shadows
yellow and blue stripes
unexpected Facebook chat
sonatas with Amelie
acting with Kelsea


{he hangs around for a few peanuts whenever I make peanut butter}

{prepping for piano lessons. Only 6 weeks left!}
Constance self-motivated at last
Lea’s kittens
chasing kitty with Ludo
clouds His artwork
no car AC in April
driving to Zimmer
symphony of mosques
cool sunsets

{woke up with 12 bug bites = time to change/air sheets and blankets}

April was a busy, but full and exciting month. I spent almost two weeks traveling, doing wedding preparation with mommy, seeing Ezra, and visiting some good friends who live not too far from Ezra. It was a wonderful trip, and now I’m home for about two months before Csehy. In the meantime, there’s lots to do at home!


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