this quilt was nearing completion…

ce tea lemonade
surprise Skype with E
blue sky and brezes in May
chilling cello
swahili melodies
Lara stomping leaves
Lea fast asleep
quiet heart
growing together
lemon & raspberry
flame trees, SZR, and Pink Panther at the golden hour

canned pumpkin was on sale. so we had pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cakes, pumpkin soups, pumpkin pancakes…

this kid turned 15.

and concert/recital season started, but I only had one in May, though we did do pictures for the orchestra, too. This of mine was performed at one concert.

trying to compose – how do you turn shadows into music?

this kid got Eagle. He worked so hard and we are very proud of him!

this dog is enjoying the hot weather.

we went to the Blue Souq in Sharjah

Shop till you drop takes on a whole new meaning when there’s incense involved.

this is her new favorite place to sleep.

a treasure from the Blue Souq

marzipan apricot cake

baking food for Ezra. 🙂 Bread & Earl Gray Cupcakes.

And I wasn’t about to let security take all my cupcakes away.

Eating lunch at our favorite restaurant/cafe – Paul’s.

being mall hobos

ating good food. By the way, even the pre-frosted cupcakes got through security.

arewell/thank you party for the church’s youth pastor.

nd I couldn’t end without a picture of this cutie.


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