These Girls

Hannah and I had the privilege of leading the younger girls’ Bible study at church this year. The year feels like it was really short, but we both learned a lot, and from what the girls have said, I think they did, too. The first half of the year we did Christianity Explained, and then we did part of “The Enemy Within.” Both of those were given to us to do, and it was helpful to have pre-written studies. We also wanted to talk about family life, words, modesty, and media, so we did do some things on our own as well. It was challenging for me, both in preparing – figuring out how to best get the message across to the girls – and also in applying these things to my own life. I’m so grateful for how God has worked in them and us.
The last two weeks that we were almost all together we made freezer lasagnas for a few families at church and then also did a week of reviewing what we’d learned the whole year. And since it was the last weeks, cameras got involved. 😉


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