Lessons from a Quilt Square: 25 Years


My parents celebrated their 25th anniversary in March. In April the year before, I had started planning to make a quilt for it, and then started work on it in August. In the end it was a sibling effort – Joel & Cait bought the fabric, Nate helped maneuver copious amounts of fabric, and Candace was my assistant – pinning, ironing, and sewing a few straight seams.

But piecing wasn’t really the hard part, even with all the curves (but we were so glad when they were done, and after that the pace really picked up). The quilting wasn’t all that hard, either (but Hannah can testify the times I’d look at her on a Thursday afternoon and say “What was I thinking?”).

The hard part was keeping it secret. At first it was easy – I’d sew when my parents were gone, and the parts were small enough to store in drawers. But as it got closer to their anniversary I was trying to find more time to sew in order to finish it in time and it was harder to hide. I didn’t finish it in time for their anniversary, but the quilting was mostly done (only the borders were left) so we put it on Cait’s bed and showed it to them. I did finish it before the end of May, though! I learned I really don’t like keeping secrets, even if they’re just surprises. Unless you can do it in complete secrecy there’s some “nothing!” and “Don’t come in!” involved, which was easy around Christmas but otherwise annoying.

But even more than the quilt, the wonderful thing is my parents’ 25 years of marriage. God has been good to us all, and their marriage is one I have learned much from and hope to emulate.

Here’s to 25 more years! We love you, mommy and daddy!


2 thoughts on “Lessons from a Quilt Square: 25 Years

  1. Cait says:

    It is GORGEOUS! I haven’t seen it properly yet 🙂 I love the colors you went with and the bright, crisp white and blue. It’s simple enough to be very elegant as well as comfy and cozy looking as a homemade quilt should be. The border is so nice and ‘finished’ looking too. Well done!! Now a nice one for you 🙂


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