Csehy Blessings

Csehy is a safe place – not perfect, but growing – and full of blessings. These are just a few. 🙂

God bringing to mind how my girls have been talking
‘treating women as God intended’ = chivalry according to Dan
purity and marriage in honor
Prayer time

Playing bells
Field at different times – sunrise, midday, midnight
Girls sharing in devos, and talking, and laughing
3 C’s in prayer time

‘sibling’ teasing
PTL for catches, no rain, and tonguing
Long throws from Jonathan – and catching their knocks
Frisbee in the drizzle

back rub from Christine
cardinal outside my window
laboring together – words can’t describe
Csehy hymnal from Mr. R

DISC jokes
devos and chapel fitting together
Masks slipping
Praying for my girls

A haircut for Tim
Sibling help
Heavens declare His glory
Beethoven’s 7th, breeze, and sail-billow clouds

Florence Foster Jenkins
baby cry in Seal Lullaby
Horns flutter tonguing
Teachers prank back

Encouragement from teachers
Ben shute – genius
Running x2

Cloud ships
Nerf in practice rooms
So many prayed

Goofing with my girls
Sweet Sophie
Country roads
Alumni benediction
Open hearts
Powerful prayer
Dark clouds and stars – His power
Misty mountains in the tunnel

Auditioning with the Ukelele – “Let’s hear it.”
“Can you do that again?” – J
“This isn’t a commitment, it’s two minutes of your life.” – Brian
“People ask how I eat so much. It’s easy – I just keep putting food in my mouth.” – Jonathan
Shoelace tying precision
Hot chocolate in a Snapple bottle
Brother stopping me from biting nails
Coffee face

misty rain
Prelude with Nancy – Trees of the Field

15 counselor voices echoing songs of praise
“It really sucks for Satan.” – Caroline
“Jesus is a salad.” – Josh
Alex and the lunch lady

Indian happy birthday

Spectacular clouds
Singing tenor
Too loud for NTS

Mr. Philadelphia
tongues too tired to talk
lightbulb jokes and chair spinning in the office
reusing Styrofoam

{sums them up pretty well}
He hears even prayers for Frisbee
fast tongue
Would have been chosen anyway
Working well together – CUPPA Cup

Girls’ hearts
Undefeated/sacrifice paid off
Clouds and stars
Tim on descant, me on tenor

A short chicken
River bed prayers and nap
Traipsing in wilderness
Flower from Charles

Counselor crazies
Prelude – 15 counselors, J leading
Sharing clouds
Unending bonfire

Playing with children
Banana guns
Mom at Csehy
Escorting from the other side

Clouds drifting across the sky
Older brother for reals
Worshiping Him through nature
8 hours of sleep

Frisbee at 9 PM, ab workout at 10 PM
Flash mob practice
“sibling” splashing – drenching.
Cool breeze in the gorge

Traipsing through Letchworth
Rest and worship
Quiet stillness
Feet dangling in water

Planning the Csehy place
Harmonies in stairwell
Bass of “I Surrender All”

run in rain
More brother teasing
Clinging to Him
Wall of water and wind

Sun after storms
Tea and stars – medicine for body and soul
Cared for so much
“Hi little sister… you deserve it.”
So many stars

Chipmunk lullabies
Stealing/hiding shoes
Tea geeks with Tim
“If there were tunnels that weren’t there.” – Jonathan

Clouds out my window
3 hours practice
Les Mis in the hall
Reserved for Thursday

Out eating Jonathan
Midnight starry escapades
Comp recital prep

{just a normal day at Csehy}
Requiem in the office – brass love
Race you to heaven – Mark
Teasing yet encouragement
Cinnamon bun head

Sarah joining us for devos
Counsel from Mrs. R
Loved so much
Perfect lap for sleeping

New reed – all in tune
Sunset shadow clouds
Basement of the music building
Thrown onto the mat

Memories bringing smiles in tears
Brian’s cookin’
Lizzie time
keep the heavens from pouring forth liquid
Prepped for tears – no glasses

Sarah – perfect lap for napping, perfect height for hugging
Rosamunde with a vengeance
Team building ith chalk drawings
Being taught how to “eat”

Siblings for such a time as this
Ice cream sandwiches
Fog, cloud, moon, stars

Clouds rising, surrounding – coming
Heaven, fog, and field
Moon rays

Chasing clouds
Running under starry midnight skies
Glory in heavens and music
Brought to thanks and peace

“Fear not, we come with the dawn.” – Andrew
Nerf battles and poodle fights
“Hannah’s giving out free money.”
Pick-up hugs
songs from previous years in choir – and in our heads

laboring together
Journey’s end
Longing for heaven
brother’s jacket protecting knees from mosquitos
The voices in Jonathan’s head

Recording in the recital hall with Anna
Still seeing the Word at work weeks later
Remembering prayer times
Music camp jokes

Swivel chair rides
One more prayer time – close circle huddle
Sunday breakfast – goat cheese and eggs
Morning meeting just prayer

Still have leaves from Elisa
Echoes across lake
Naps – just perfect
Program jabs and foot kick and straw tickles to keep from sleep
benediction in a circle

hoto credit for most of these photos goes to Sarah. 🙂


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